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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 10

Wholething” from HEwas Featuring Afroman

Written by on 4 December 2020

To say it’s been an experimental year for the hip-hop underground at home and abroad might not be doing it enough justice, and in few tracks is this theme captured as well as it is in the new single “Wholething” from HEwas. Featuring Afroman in a credible guest appearance that doesn’t overshadow the melodic rapping […]

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Joe Hodgson’s – Apparitions

Written by on 30 November 2020

Joe Hodgson’s – Apparitions is a full-length LP arriving in late November after a few great singles is just what the pandemic doctor ordered and so much more you can almost taste it before you even hear it. The guitar talents of Hodgson need no introduction unless you’re not guitar instrumental music savvy, but it […]

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“Wade In The Water” by Miss Freddye

Written by on 29 November 2020

“Wade In The Water” is the newest single from Miss Freddye. An award-winning blues artist, Miss Freddye is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has achieved recognition in nearby West Virginia. “Wade In The Water” is the first single from her anticipated 2021 release, and follows her 2017 album, Lady Of The Blues. It feels so […]

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Fitzsimon and Brogan Release New Album

Written by on 28 November 2020

A lot of acts start losing steam after their fourth LP together, but this simply can’t be said of Fitzsimon and Brogan. In their new album This Wicked Pantomime, FaB renew their commitment to the cornerstones of classic alternative rock, and though theirs is hardly the lone indie record to catchy my attention this season, it’s […]

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ELETÉ from Lucia Tacchetti

Written by on 21 November 2020

The driving light to the new album ELETÉ from Lucia Tacchetti is her almost ethereal vocals. Although, like the artistic chameleon that she is, Tacchetti has a way of making the songs sound like she’s crooning just as much as she’s harmonizing. While other pop singers are frivolous with their beats and auto-tuning, Tacchetti delivers […]

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John Vento Releases New Single

Written by on 19 November 2020

Pittsburgh’s John Vento continues to spark conversation and light up the night with his thought-provoking songs. His latest rock/Americana/roots offering, “America (The Saints Come Marching Home)” has him taking off his gloves and coming at the listener with gut-punch lyrics. Vento, along with co-writer Frank Ferraro, tackle the topic of extremists at work and their […]

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“Tomorrow Is Today” From Singer/Songwriter Ed Roman

Written by on 19 November 2020

Not a moment passes in the new song “Tomorrow Is Today” from singer/songwriter Ed Roman that you don’t feel the synergy between Roman’s lyrics and his exquisite guitar playing. Even when you find yourself swirling around in the percussion and the exhaustive reverb, Roman finds a way to juggle things even more with his throbbing […]

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