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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 101

Chris Sabatino – Maybe Not This Time

Written by on 29 September 2015

Chris Sabatino -Maybe Not This Time CD BABY: Though the music scene today makes it increasingly difficult to find them (which in and of itself is a walking tall contradiction), there are still authentic singer/songwriters operating who work outside of the known channels and deliver heartfelt, emotion-bared music with soul and panache. Ohio bred […]

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Erica Sunshine Lee – Southern Amendment

Written by on 28 September 2015

Erica Sunshine Lee – Southern Amendment URL: “Southern Amendment” EP by Erica Sunshine Lee was released in 2015. This is her 6th Studio Album to date. Straight away it’s clear an EP like this delivers an imaginative return to classic Americana-Country sung to us by a beautiful female with a girl next door persona. […]

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Mary Bue – Holy Bones

Written by on 23 September 2015

Mary Bue – Holy Bones URL: Holy Bones, the latest release from singer/songwriter Mary Bue, brings her six albums deep into a career that, until recently, has achieved recognition as part of a songwriting wave cresting in the early 21st century. The influence of artists as diverse as Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos has […]

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Nervous Germans – From Prussia With Love

Written by on 18 September 2015

Nervous Germans – From Prussia With Love URL: Though virtually unknown among American audiences, the Nervous Germans experienced significant success across continental Europe and included renowned UK DJ John Peel among their supporters. Their original run ended in 1984, but there’s no sense of lost time on this new release. Instead, the Nervous Germans […]

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Nashaat Salman – Universal Melodies

Written by on 15 September 2015

Nashaat Salman – Universal Melodies URL: Musical style: Electronic ambient, full of the same dark mystery that rummages through the streets of Milan is only broken with the coming of the dawn. Enter one Nashaat Salman a Swiss based composer that just released his latest 4 Track EP “Universal Melodies” in 2015 (SDMP Records). […]

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Emily Gold – Recluse

Written by on 15 September 2015

Emily Gold – Recluse FACEBOOK: Emily Gold’s career has been skyrocketing at an alarmingly quick rate. She has many plans in the works, including a tour, large distribution deals, and pushing her songs to TV and radio. Her debut EP made quite a splash and this first full-length album shows off her talents along […]

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Loose Bolts – Discontent EP

Written by on 14 September 2015

URL: From Pensacola, FL comes Alt-Folk rocker Ian Gomez, known as Loose Bolts who just released his latest “Discontent” EP in 2015. Loose Bolts is comprised of Ian Gomez. In his own words: What these songs represent most to me is a coming of age and a changing of times. All of them were written over […]

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Intimate Dream – Wonderful Thing

Written by on 26 August 2015

Intimate Dream – Wonderful Thing FACEBOOK: This is a cool disc. It’s an EP so don’t expect a lengthy experience and there is also some cluttered ideas and arrangements that seem to blow by too fast without giving you a chance to get too comfortable with any one song for too long, yet Intimate […]

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Shane Scheib – Fast Friends (EP)

Written by on 19 August 2015

Shane Scheib – Fast Friends (EP) URL: In the spirit of musical justice (as I find is severely lacking these days), I gave this latest EP from Shane Scheib a good and proper listen and not only did I not hate it, but I actually kind of fell in love with it, and subsequently […]

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Oogee Wawa – More Sand than Money

Written by on 18 August 2015

Oogee Wawa – More Sand than Money URL: Following the tradition of the white boy reggae/rap/ska/alternative style, Oogee Wawa brings a sonic shakedown that calls to mind 311, the Beastie Boy, Sublime and The Madness. More Sand than Money is a perfect album to drink liquor and chase girls too. Even within the limiting […]

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