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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 11

Project Grand Slam releases new LP

Written by on 16 April 2019

Project Grand Slam releases new LP 2019 has been turning out one hit after another in both the mainstream and the underground thus far, and Project Grand Slam is only the latest group to add another jewel to this banner year in pop. Robert Miller’s jazz/rock vehicle executes grooves of a grandiose quality in their […]

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Cleveland International Records proves Cleveland still rocks!  

Written by on 15 April 2019

URL: With over a dozen of the smartest old school tracks ever released by a single label making up its tracklist, Cleveland Rocks was built to rock your world, and it’s getting a second chance to steal the spotlight this spring courtesy of a long-awaited reissue from Cleveland International Records. After a decade-long hiatus, Steve Popovich […]

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doubleVee’s new record Songs for Birds and Bats

Written by on 12 April 2019

It starts off slow at first, but after a mere dozen seconds, it’s impossible to contain. The textures that adorn the opening bars of “Landlord of the Flies,” one of the staple songs on doubleVee’s new record Songs for Birds and Bats, are acrylic in stylization, physical in presentation, and rife with a tension-inducing tone […]

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Ajay Mathur – “Start Living Again”

Written by on 12 April 2019

Calling to mind the warmth of Beatle-esque 60s vibe with a steady procession of thought-provoking imagery, Ajay Mathur’s track “Start Living Again” is freshly coated with acoustic guitars, wisps of percussion and firmly positioned as a key track to his 2018 album, Little Boat. Mathur’s tethering of love and humanistic emotions are coupled with his […]

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Iowa’s Stars in Toledo present a diversely-appointed collection of music

Written by on 11 April 2019

FACEBOOK: Iowa’s Stars in Toledo present a diversely-appointed collection of hard rock rhythm and mighty melodic power balladry in their self-titled debut, which was released last April to a warm reception from fans and critics alike. Featuring heavy groove tracks like “A Peek Behind the Curtain,” “While We’re Waiting,” “Mavericks” and the stony “Get […]

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Travis Atreo teams up with Neko X James for the collaborative twosome

Written by on 9 April 2019

FACEBOOK: Travis Atreo teams up with Neko X James for the collaborative twosome’s new single “Automatic,” and describing the chemistry that they share in its three and a half minutes of pure sonic bliss as off the charts-level excellence almost doesn’t do it justice. We start off with a jazz-inspired swagger that suffocates us […]

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Thinkbendy releases Change

Written by on 8 April 2019

thinkbendy’s debut Change, written by onetime U-Melt bassist Adam Bendy, begins with the track “Free”, a stately and even lightly theatrical opener . It’s Bendy’s first time singing and playing keyboards on an album, but you can’t tell – he weaves his piano playing and voice alike through a mid-tempo arrangement ably accompanied by former U-Melt […]

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John Dellroy Band’s “Burning Desire”

Written by on 4 April 2019

URL: In dramatic fashion, a devastatingly provocative percussion comes storming into focus in the first few bars of John Dellroy Band’s “Burning Desire,” only to find itself surrounded by a neon-tinted riff that is intent on rivaling its gargantuan weight and texture. The bass comes creeping out of the ridges in the drums and […]

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“It’s’ My Live” EP by DR KING

Written by on 3 April 2019

TWITER: When it comes to making modern soul music, few young artists are as adept and skilled as DR King is, and he demonstrates his abilities in the all-new EP It’s My Life. Out this late February, It’s My Life discharges a contemporary blend of soul and R&B that not only isn’t bound by […]

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