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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 2

“Hurricanes and Butterflies (Flowers Don’t Die)” by Gianni Bodo

Written by on 17 June 2020

Joined by the incomparable Brigitte Pace behind the microphone, the brilliantly poetic “Hurricanes and Butterflies (Flowers Don’t Die)” sees singer/songwriter Gianni Bodo issuing an unforgettable vocal showcase this spring. Boldly saturated with colorful tones that some artists would leave on the sidelines out of selfish insecurity, there’s no overstating how big a song this is […]

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Singer/Songwriter Jim Lord releases 2 Singles

Written by on 17 June 2020

Lately it’s felt like 2020 is going to be the year of the singer/songwriter, and there’s no debating whether or not independent artists like Jim Lord are why. With a smoky vocal and a crisp guitar melody to lead the way, Lord delivers two stunning new singles this summer in “Little Star” and “Helplessly I […]

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“I Carry On” (SINGLE) by Francine Honey

Written by on 16 June 2020

In her latest release, the wonderful “I Carry On,” Francine Honey flirts with some of the biggest harmonies her career has presented thus far and creates a lush ballad anyone with a taste for country-pop can appreciate. Steeped in Americana and mild singer/songwriter themes, “I Carry On” is available in two versions – a solo […]

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Mad River release new single and lyric video

Written by on 12 June 2020

“It’s a party and you’re invited / Got a reason, get excited / Come as you are!” announce Mad River in their new single and lyric video “Come As You Are” from the album Love Grows. Much as the title of their latest LP would imply, Mad River are giving up nothing but wholehearted emotion in […]

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King Ropes releases LP

Written by on 11 June 2020

Rarely is the case where a cover is better than the original. But stranger things have happened and a great artist can make a great song legendary. That’s the case with Go Back Where They Came From, a 12-song collection of covers from songs that influenced the songwriting of Bozeman, Montana multi-genre band King Ropes. […]

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High Fidelity release LP

Written by on 6 June 2020

As crisp as a springtime breeze, the strings dance with a freewheeling passion in “Tears of Regret,” echoing the same degree of emotion as we hear in “Dear God,” only at a different tempo. Tonal expressiveness is a cornerstone of these two tracks, as well as the galloping “Turkey in the Straw,” “Feudin’ Banjos” and […]

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Webster’s Wheel release debut LP

Written by on 29 May 2020

Sometimes they’re supple and bittersweet, while on other occasions they’re rather buxom and comely. Soft in “Whispers,” sharp as dried pine needles in “Hike Up the Valley,” the guitars that comprise half of every exquisite harmony in Webster’s Wheel’s Rest My Weary I’s are undisputedly some of the best you’re going to hear on an acoustic record […]

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