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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 3

The Keymakers release Spectra

Written by on 5 December 2019

Pittsburgh natives now based out of the Boston area, The Keymakers are two brothers, Rome Alexander and Rederic, who have made their presence felt in the modern music scene since first combining their talents in 2016. Spectra is the duo’s first extended release, running seven songs in all, and contains material that should figure into the duo’s […]

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White Collar Crime’s “To Be Real”

Written by on 4 December 2019

The piano melody that signals the start of White Collar Crime’s “To Be Real,” one of two songs that they’re releasing ahead of their latest record 30 Years In The New York Rain, is glittery and bright, adorned with a gentle drumbeat that persists through the whole of the track. A soft lead vocal joins […]

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Interview with Lindsey Compton

Written by on 3 December 2019

You have a great new single out, can you tell us more about it? My newest single is a song called Starstruck. It’s about the fantasy of someone, yet when the thought becomes real, it’s just not as good as the dream. Love the video! What is the story behind it? Thank you! Dorothy who […]

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Rob Alexander release new Single

Written by on 27 November 2019

If you follow independent pop music out of the southeastern United States, you’re probably already aware of an artist by the name of Rob Alexander, an MD by day and a soft rock balladist by night, whose work has been generating a lot of critical adulation in the past couple of years. Alexander’s latest album, Being […]

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David Leask’s releases heartfelt Single

Written by on 25 November 2019

When you’ve got a voice as strong as David Leask’s is, you don’t need the bells and whistles that most pop songwriters do, and hence, listeners will not find any in his new single “When You Think No One Loves You,” which is out now everywhere that independent music is sold and streamed. Leask executes […]

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The Criticals releases debut EP

Written by on 15 November 2019

The Criticals’ Mimosa Hygiene packs quite a punch despite featuring only six tracks. It is a testament to how quick Cole Shugart and Parker Forbes established a shared language for their songwriting as The Criticals; these tracks play with all the confidence of a far more traditionally established unit than a neophyte band marking their debut release. […]

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Sociallusions – by And The Black Feathers

Written by on 15 November 2019

Sociallusions – by And The Black Feathers, contains four songs that deal with the optics of society and the illusions it produces, but it’s done in a fun manner by seasoned musicians from the Denver area, playing music influenced by the 60s and 70s when MC5 ruled and you could actually be seen and heard […]

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