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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 3

Lord & Lady drop EP

Written by on 24 September 2018

YOU TUBE: Millennials are constantly in demand of finding more efficient ways to do things, and not even music has been able to escape the wrath of our impatience. For this generation, there’s nothing worse than having to wait to be satisfied, and subsequently pop music has become a lot more unforgivingly cutthroat. With […]

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Broken Baby

Written by on 21 September 2018

FACEBOOK: With a blistering burst of electric white heat, Broken Baby dives into the scolding “Hello from the Other Side of Hell No” like nobody’s business and show everyone in America why they’re California’s number one rock band at the moment. Singer Amber Bollinger wails her way through some of the most articulate lyrics […]

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The Gary Douglas Band releases new Single

Written by on 20 September 2018

URL: Labels are pointless with The Gary Douglas Band. You can dub it roots rock, retro, all kinds of rock, but the foundational truth of Douglas’ music is that they are just good songs, engaged with life, and reflective of the passion that compels Douglas and his band mates to play like nothing else […]

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Champ de Mars releases new Music

Written by on 19 September 2018

URL: Rancho Seco Victory is one of 2018’s best songwriting efforts and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better rounded collection. Each of the dozen songs contained on the band’s first full length recording touches on each component of the song and devotes great care aimed at polishing the cuts into indelible musical […]

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Written by on 18 September 2018

I-TUNES: Ghanaian based Funkmata are pushing their latest singles as evidence of their desire to craft a new form of African music, one with a cosmopolitan pedigree embracing Western influences, and “Is It True?”, along with the instrumental track “Realpayback”, are definitely steps in that direction. Fans of American and European pop/funk/soul will recognize […]

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DR King releases new single

Written by on 17 September 2018

SPOTIFY: There’s a gentle finger snapping that’s guiding a piano being played so softly against a cloudy backdrop of synthesized melody. Out of nowhere DR King’s divine voice penetrates the somber environment as if to take our hand and lead us away from this grey, uncertain place we’re wandering. Where he’s taking us is […]

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Jupiter in Velvet releases new music

Written by on 14 September 2018

FACEBOOK: When an artist puts all of themselves into the music, you can hear the passion in their voice, the emotion in their percussion and the vitality in their strings. Recorded music can be a cinematic experience when it’s done properly, and some of the greatest albums in the history of pop could be […]

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Monsieur Job – “Pica Pica”

Written by on 11 September 2018

I-TUNES: I don’t speak a word of Spanish, and I don’t know whether or not the guys in Monsieur Job speak a word of English, but neither really mattered all that much when I listened to “Pica Pica” for the first time the other day. As a music journalist, I have the great pleasure […]

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Del Suelo – The Musician’s Compass: A 12 Step Programme

Written by on 10 September 2018

URL: Del Suelo’s second studio album, The Musician’s Compass: A 12 Step Programme, might seem a little daunting at first glance. Erik Mehlsen, the musical mastermind behind the band, earned considerable praise for Del Suelo’s debut I Am Free, a release standing out for multiple reasons. Mehlsen’s stylistically diverse and articulate guitar work, his […]

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Andy Macintrye – Melomania

Written by on 10 September 2018

Andy Macintrye – Melomania SPOTIFY: Austin, Texas continues to produce real musical winners with the release of Andy Macintrye’s EP Melomania, a condensed genre synthesis illuminating Macintrye’s diverse talents as a guitarist, songwriting, and deceptively effective singer. Perhaps the bedrock astute move Macintrye made before launching into the recording sessions for this release is […]

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