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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 5


Written by on 19 April 2018

S. SPONJI LIVING – I Love You  Africa has been known to produce some of the best reggae artistes in recent times after the Caribbean Islands where the genre originated from. S. Sponji Living is not a newbie to the music scene and has spent the last twelve years making music. His first single was […]

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Review: Christian Heath “One”

Written by on 18 April 2018

SOUNDCLOUD: Recording artist Christian HEATH has recently unveiled his 6 track EP, “One,” a passionate collection of energetic and romantic genre bending tunes. His angelic voice is captivating, so much so that even if you don’t love the particular track, you’re still compelled to listen. The songs are also all beautifully engineered and impressively […]

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NIK:11 – 6 A.M

Written by on 17 April 2018

NIK:11 – 6 A.M  URL: An unique confluence of the cutting edge pop power of Lady Gaga with a strong Crystal Method influence, the radio edit of NK:11’s single “6 A.M.” announces the arrival of a major new talent on the modern pop scene. Rather than merely aping the characteristics of those aforementioned performers, […]

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Olivia Kellman – Voices Need Sound single

Written by on 16 April 2018

Olivia Kellman – Voices Need Sound single URL: Olivia Kellman puts her considerable musical and lyrical talents to admirable use with her new single “Voices Need Sound”, a track crafted with the recent school shooting tragedy in Parkland, Florida in mind and has decided any profits from this song should be diverted to those […]

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Sirens – I Believe

Written by on 13 April 2018

Sirens – I Believe FACEBOOK: Sirens is a three member band from DC who just released their latest single entitled “I Believe” in 2018. Three members in union musically and vocally with synergy, this is what Sirens deliver. “I Believe” is a powerful enough track within its own right that gleefully dances up and […]

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Saint Jaimz – Absent Without Love

Written by on 26 March 2018

Saint Jaimz – Absent Without Love SOUNDCLOUD: “Absent Without Love” is a reminder of what quality modern R&B can still sound like when you bring together a classic sound with a totally modern take on the form. Jaimz has the sort of confidence you can’t teach; one can only assume that the challenges of […]

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At Pavillon – All Eyes on You

Written by on 25 March 2018

At Pavillon – All Eyes on You FACEBOOK: At Pavillon has notched their most impressive achievement yet with their latest single “All Eyes on You” and the video released along with the song underlines At Pavillon’s excellence with this new tune. It’s as complete of a package as the band has yet released and […]

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Joshua McClain – Coming Home

Written by on 24 March 2018

Joshua McClain – Coming Home FACEBOOK: Joshua McClain is best known for his unbridled and mesmerizing solo performances using a looping pedal and effects processor, creating intense, otherworldly soundscapes. Regarded as one of the top artists in the Bay Area, Joshua was voted Musician of the year at RAW Awards. His album – Coming […]

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Swirl – The Lift

Written by on 24 March 2018

Swirl – The Lift URL: Swirl’s latest single continues their upward trajectory since releasing their self titled EP and landing three of the aforementioned collection’s songs on the soundtrack of an award winning major motion picture with 2017’s Ditch Day. “The Lift” is cut from a similar cloth as those earlier songs in the […]

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Ashley J – Satisfied

Written by on 23 March 2018

Ashley J – Satisfied SPOTIFY: Ashley J’s EP release Satisfied ensures 2018 will prove one of the more pivotal years in the young singer/songwriter’s life. It’s the full realization of the recent singles she’s released and a mark that her talents are primed to such a point she’s ready to elevate her profile in […]

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