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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 5

“You’re My Little Cowgirl” from Dudley Allen.

Written by on 19 January 2021

The heart swells with joy while listening to the new song “You’re My Little Cowgirl” from Dudley Allen. A song fit for the mid-afternoon charm-hour, or a weekend reflection, Allen is at his best when he’s singing from his heart. It’s only a matter of time where the country and Americana fanbase turn their attention […]

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Jeremy Parsons’ Releases New LP

Written by on 7 January 2021

If there’s one word to best describe Jeremy Parsons’ brand of music, it would be authentic. The Nashville resident and former Texas native has captivated audiences in the US and Europe for the past decade with his brand of powerful lyrics, clever humor and a palpable sense of enjoyment with what he’s done. It’s a […]

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Evan Troop’s debut collection The Next Chapter EP

Written by on 18 December 2020

Evan Troop’s debut collection, The Next Chapter, is packed with melodic guitars and riveting percussion. Troop can sing pretty damn well, too. A country rocker, with a rock and roll problem, these songs meet at the crossroads of Americana and Texas gumption. No one out there is sounding as good as Dallas’ Troop. Not even […]

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The Nesrallah Artuso Project Releases New Music

Written by on 15 December 2020

The Nesrallah Artuso Project, a mouthful culmination of said artists Danny Artuso and Victor Nesrallah’s digital release of Wearing the Blues feels like a strange, experimental hybrid that harkens back to the days of Dwight Yoakam’s invention of ‘hillbilly’ urban cowboy music or Zac Brown Band’s more recent influential fusion of country with EDM. Really the genre […]

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“Black Jackal” by Paul Jacks

Written by on 12 December 2020

In his third official studio album, titled Black Jackal, alternative singer/songwriter Paul Jacks expands on previous ideas introduced to us in first pair of LPs with just a touch more aggression than he’s utilized previously. The result? A juggernaut groove in “The Hunger,” soft pulsating melodies in “Always Something to It,” brooding synth play in “In […]

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Singer/Songwriter Mauri Dark Releases LP 

Written by on 12 December 2020

Caressing us with a hint of Americana infused between keys and guitar strings in “Poison Woman.” Brushing up against an optimistic harmony with delicate vocals in “Shades of Gray.” Getting emotional without shame in “Thin Line of Understanding.” Crushing us with barebones honesty in the title track of Dreams of a Middle-Aged Man. No matter which […]

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