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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 57

Eleanor Tallie – No Turning Back

Written by on 17 June 2016

Eleanor Tallie – No Turning Back FACEBOOK: Eleanor Tallie’s first EP is divided evenly between slow burn soul tunes, melodic mid tempo tracks, and hard-edged blues/funk fusion. Her voice is the guiding instrument rolling with it all. She has a wonderful mutability with her voice, an ability to elongate and stretch lines in unforgettable […]

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Sasha’s Bloc – Runaway Blues

Written by on 10 June 2016

Sasha’s Bloc – Runaway Blues URL: Sasha’s Bloc, the renowned Los Angeles based jazz collective recently responsible for two of the best modern jazz albums of the last twenty years, with members of the legendary vocal group Take 6 in tow, ventured to Hollywood’s famous Capitol Records recording studios for the creation of their […]

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The Lowest Pair – Fern Girl and Ice Man

Written by on 9 June 2016

The Lowest Pair – Fern Girl and Ice Man URL: Released by Team Love Records, Fern Girl and Ice Man is another sterling collaboration between singer/songwriters Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee. Since they formed The Lowest Pair in 2013, the duo have earned fulsome praise from every quarter for their beautiful modern rendering […]

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Rachael Sage – Choreographic

Written by on 3 June 2016

Rachael Sage – Choreographic URL: Singer/songwriter Racheal Sage’s new release, Coreographic, presents a grouping of diverse songs, all connected by her poetic writing and light, airy vocals, but expansive in instrumentation and style. Working with producer Andy Zulla, Sage brings a more chamber approach to her previously instrumentally-conservative discography, but retains her familiar pop-infused […]

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Jonnie and Joy – Running Home (EP)

Written by on 2 June 2016

Jonnie and Joy – Running Home (EP) FACEBOOK: If there’s one thing you can say for Jonnie & Joy, it’s that this female duo refuses to be pigeonholed. The variety of sounds their music encompasses could be described as “full-spectrum”, to say the least, blurring the lines between 1970s classic rock and 1980s power […]

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Angie and the Deserters – Country Radio

Written by on 2 June 2016

Angie and the Deserters – Country Radio Primary URL: Angie Bruyere and her gritty group of musical desperados debuted with 2014’s West of the Night, but even that stellar release will likely leave those familiar with her unprepared for the sheer romping energy contained in her newest release, the single “Country Radio”. This first […]

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Inbokeh – Into the Sun

Written by on 1 June 2016

Inbokeh – Into the Sun URL: Jonathan Burgess, Cody Smith, and Danial Swafford are three veteran musicians who’s love of music has kept them putting themselves out there for years honing their craft for sheer love of music. Long bonded by personal connections extending back to childhood, Burgess and the other two finally joined […]

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Reverist – Dreaming Onward

Written by on 31 May 2016

Reverist – Dreaming Onward URL: Omar Qazi’s journey from his medical offices to stages up and down the eastern seaboard certainly ranks as one of the more unusual trips taken to musical fame. Qazi’s musical experiences as an undergraduate student inspired him to learn how to play and, after concluding his time in medical […]

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Ashley J – Dare ya”

Written by on 27 May 2016

Ashley J – Dare ya” YOU TUBE: Ashley J brings a fascinatingly diverse background, artistically, musically and otherwise, to her emergence into the pop-world.Growing up in Orlando, the multi-talented singer/songwriter held her own with her four brothers and friends by achieving a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 5, and First and […]

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Jeri Silverman – Leaflike

Written by on 26 May 2016

Jeri Silverman – Leaflike FACEBOOK: The title of this release might suggest some willowy folk inspired outing that plays everything by the numbers and sounds deadly earnest. Jeri Silverman, however, will surprise many with her cracking mix of surefooted pop instincts with a strong songwriting aesthetic. It helps her efforts immensely that she’s a […]

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