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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 6

The Little Wretches Release 10th Album

Written by on 29 August 2020

If you’re from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the rock band The Little Wretches. Co-founder, lead singer and lyricist Robert Wagner’s visionary rock group has had its fair share of personnel changes, but Wagner’s outlook and lyricism can’t be overlooked. The band’s 10th full album release, Undesirables and Anarchists is […]

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Lavendine’s “Rapture”

Written by on 27 August 2020

As big a melodic element as any of the lead vocal parts are, the electric and acoustic guitars that make up the strongest components of the backdrop in Lavendine’s “Rapture” alone make this adult contemporary single a must-listen for fans of gospel and pop alike this season. Right out of the gate, Lavendine make it […]

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“Two Lane Airplane” by Gary Burk III

Written by on 15 August 2020

Not many genres within the lexicon of western popular music are as recognizable as American country music is, and bearing that in mind, Gary Burk still manages to put together something wholly original and truly his own in the new single “Two Lane Airplane,” which debuted this summer to a warm reception from critics and […]

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Santa Cruz by Rivers Garcia

Written by on 14 August 2020

Santa Cruz by Rivers Garcia is a timepiece made of his own doing where he wrote and arranged everything, as well as played every instrument, produced, and engineered himself at his home near Toronto. But it is an Americana-based album about being on the open road in America, and tells stories of how he fell […]

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Live At the Bluesberry Café by Johnny Riley

Written by on 14 August 2020

With a hearty swing and a vibrant, string-born melody to grab our attention right out of the gate, Johnny Riley wastes no time bring the smoky sounds of Texas blues home to us in “Johnny’s Boogie,” one of the thirteen songs occupying the tracklist of Riley’s new record Live At the Bluesberry Café. In tunes like […]

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Insane EP by Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps

Written by on 13 August 2020

“Sometimes loneliness can hurt,” Tom Tikka begins to explain in the first line of his song “Sweet Sugar” from the EP Insane, and as true as these words are on paper, they’re all the more cutting when presented against the sonic backdrop we find them in here. Insane features a Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps who […]

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