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Chris Murphy – Red Mountain Blues

Written by on 18 July 2016

            Chris Murphy – Red Mountain Blues URL: The latest release from respected violinist and New York City native Chris Murphy, Red Mountain Blues, is yet another milestone in a career stretching back a number of years and featuring a number of largely unheralded gems that outstrip the work […]

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Jonathan Cavier – Premier

Written by on 12 July 2016

Jonathan Caviar – Premier URL: Twitter: Facebook: The blockbuster debut Premier heralds the arrival of a major new talent. Few young performing artists can lay claim to the sheer variety of compositional and arranging skills that Cavier brings to bear on his first album. His tenure as part of the pop duo […]

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Astronauts of Antiquity (Feat. Deploi) – “Paradise”

Written by on 24 June 2016

Astronauts of Antiquity (Feat. Deploi) release “Paradise” URL: The improbably named Astronauts of Antiquity (Feat. Deploi) conjures some images of stony faced, uber artsy musicians flush with the capacity to illuminate but utterly lacking any skill for entertainment. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, Astronauts of Antiquity (Feat. Deploi) are a New York […]

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The Lowest Pair – Uncertain as It Is Uneven

Written by on 24 June 2016

The Lowest Pair – Uncertain as It Is Uneven URL: Palmer T. Lee and Kendl Winter, known together as The Lowest Pair, are singer/songwriters who fell in love with traditional music in their late teens and soon immersed themselves in the surrounding scene. It’s heartening in this day of electronic and rap music that […]

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Moon & Pollution – The Box Borealis

Written by on 23 June 2016

Moon & Pollution – The Box Borealis FACEBOOK: Some people never give styles like shoegaze or electronica pop a chance. Contempt prior to investigation, in cases like that, always has much more to do with where a music fan is in their own lives rather than any sort of reliable commentary on musical merits. […]

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Junk Parlor – Mick Jagger’s Heart

Written by on 22 June 2016

Junk Parlor – Mick Jagger’s Heart URL: Junk Parlor’s Mick Jagger’s heart is very catchy and speaks a lot about the title itself. Well, it is about relating to someone named Mick Jagger. Maybe, let us start with understanding the title of the song. So, to start, who is Mick Jagger? Well, for those […]

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Eleanor Tallie – No Turning Back

Written by on 17 June 2016

Eleanor Tallie – No Turning Back FACEBOOK: Eleanor Tallie’s first EP is divided evenly between slow burn soul tunes, melodic mid tempo tracks, and hard-edged blues/funk fusion. Her voice is the guiding instrument rolling with it all. She has a wonderful mutability with her voice, an ability to elongate and stretch lines in unforgettable […]

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Sasha’s Bloc – Runaway Blues

Written by on 10 June 2016

Sasha’s Bloc – Runaway Blues URL: Sasha’s Bloc, the renowned Los Angeles based jazz collective recently responsible for two of the best modern jazz albums of the last twenty years, with members of the legendary vocal group Take 6 in tow, ventured to Hollywood’s famous Capitol Records recording studios for the creation of their […]

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The Lowest Pair – Fern Girl and Ice Man

Written by on 9 June 2016

The Lowest Pair – Fern Girl and Ice Man URL: Released by Team Love Records, Fern Girl and Ice Man is another sterling collaboration between singer/songwriters Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee. Since they formed The Lowest Pair in 2013, the duo have earned fulsome praise from every quarter for their beautiful modern rendering […]

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Rachael Sage – Choreographic

Written by on 3 June 2016

Rachael Sage – Choreographic URL: Singer/songwriter Racheal Sage’s new release, Coreographic, presents a grouping of diverse songs, all connected by her poetic writing and light, airy vocals, but expansive in instrumentation and style. Working with producer Andy Zulla, Sage brings a more chamber approach to her previously instrumentally-conservative discography, but retains her familiar pop-infused […]

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