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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 7

Chris Ruben Band release Stomach Coil

Written by on 25 January 2019

URL: The Farmingville, New York based five piece Chris Ruben Band has rapidly established a reputation as one of the foremost love acts working the East Coast concert scene, but their purview expands far past those confines and includes high profile appearances at Austin’s SXSW festival as well. One listen to their latest single […]

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“Something About U (The Retro-Funk Mix)” by Ronnue

Written by on 22 January 2019

“Something About U (The Retro-Funk Mix)” by Ronnue Out of the box, “Something About U (The Retro-Funk Mix)” is ready to rock your world with a dreamy bassline that steps right out of a 70’s exploitation flick and onto the smoky streets of Seattle, where Ronnue is ruling the R&B underground and having a blast […]

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Terry Ohms releases Terryfirma

Written by on 18 January 2019

URL: A sonic storm of epic proportions is raging within the nine songs that comprise Terryfirma, the brand new album from critically acclaimed songwriter Terry Ohms, and combatting it with decent headphones and an open-minded disposition is the only option that listeners have when embarking on the intrepid musical journey that it has to offer. […]

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Guitar Virtuoso Brady Novotny releases new LP

Written by on 15 January 2019

Guitar god Brady Novotny shatters the barrier between artist and audience in his new album Passions Collide and extinguishes the notion that rock guitar as it was introduced to us some half century ago is dead and gone from our modern existence. Within just the first seven seconds of the eponymous opening track, Passions Collide is obliterating us with […]

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House of Curses releases self-titled EP

Written by on 12 January 2019

Bulging basslines that know no boundaries skew drumming that gallops out of hell and ends up stampeding straight back, only to leave the earth scorched in the wake. Guitars duel with guttural vocals that are only a stone’s throw away from gilded harmonic singing that seems to echo long into infinity. The crunch of brilliantly […]

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Exclusive interview with Tatania Eva Marie

Written by on 11 January 2019

Jazz singer, Tatiana Eva-Marie, was born into the music world. Surrounded by music and an artistic lifestyle, her vocal talent seems to come natural. She was recently named “one of the best young singers around” by the Wall Street Journal and listed on Vanity Fair‘s rising jazz stars.  Exclusive  interview with Tatania Eva Marie How would you […]

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Sex People dispense a stunner of a debut EP

Written by on 11 January 2019

The aptly named Sex People dispense a stunner of a debut EP with the release of the all new Cal-Island: Season 1, a five track walkthrough of their rambunctious electropop sound. Featuring original beats that echo against enormous synthesizers and dynamic string arrangements, songs like “Sanctuary City,” “No West Left” and “Mr. Emperor” challenge listeners to […]

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John Vento releases “Love, Lust & Other Wreckage”

Written by on 10 January 2019

AMAZON: Heartland rock flirts shamelessly with the unvarnished edges of the alternative ethos in Love, Lust & Other Wreckage, the brand new full length album from none other than Pennsylvanian hotshot John Vento. For those who aren’t aware, Vento’s spent time fronting such energetic units as The Businessmen and Nied’s Hotel Band, but it’s his […]

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Danise Esswein releases thought provoking EP

Written by on 9 January 2019

D With a mighty gift to share and a stunning knack for making a simple song feel like a larger than life testament to God’s greatness, Danise Esswein’s Love is Here captures the identity of modern Christian pop music wonderfully and brings forth one of its most exciting young talents. Esswein shines in four sumptuously smooth and […]

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Cwiredband’s new record Angel Circuit Engaged

Written by on 8 January 2019

Warm feedback slithers through our speakers and takes hold of our attention as we enter the title track of Cwiredband’s new record Angel Circuit Engaged, their follow up to their much-buzzed Omega EP also released last year. Before long, that feedback is harnessed and transformed into a scorcher of a melody produced by a feverish lead guitar and […]

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