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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 7

Thinkbendy releases Change

Written by on 8 April 2019

thinkbendy’s debut Change, written by onetime U-Melt bassist Adam Bendy, begins with the track “Free”, a stately and even lightly theatrical opener . It’s Bendy’s first time singing and playing keyboards on an album, but you can’t tell – he weaves his piano playing and voice alike through a mid-tempo arrangement ably accompanied by former U-Melt […]

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John Dellroy Band’s “Burning Desire”

Written by on 4 April 2019

URL: In dramatic fashion, a devastatingly provocative percussion comes storming into focus in the first few bars of John Dellroy Band’s “Burning Desire,” only to find itself surrounded by a neon-tinted riff that is intent on rivaling its gargantuan weight and texture. The bass comes creeping out of the ridges in the drums and […]

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“It’s’ My Live” EP by DR KING

Written by on 3 April 2019

TWITER: When it comes to making modern soul music, few young artists are as adept and skilled as DR King is, and he demonstrates his abilities in the all-new EP It’s My Life. Out this late February, It’s My Life discharges a contemporary blend of soul and R&B that not only isn’t bound by […]

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Wild Sight LP by Swimming Bell

Written by on 2 April 2019

Haunting folk melodicism meets unabashedly indulgent, spacy songcraft in Wild Sight, the new album from Swimming Bell out this April. Centered around the sterling vocal vitality of singer/songwriter Katie Schottland, Wild Sight offers us shades of melancholic contemplation in “For Brinsley,” existential dreamscapes in “Wolf” and “Left Hand Path,” bucolic balladry in “Good Time, Man” and “Cold Clear […]

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Steel Blossoms’ – Self-titled album

Written by on 27 March 2019

“Kentucky’s never been this far from Tennessee / Tonight it feels like you’re a million miles away from me,” Hayley Prosser and Sara Zebley sing in perfect synchronicity in “Kentucky’s Never Been This Far,” and as their words leave their lips and delicately wrap around us like a warm blanket in the dead of winter, […]

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Across the Board’s new record Wild Ones

Written by on 26 March 2019

URL: Post-punk excess meets pristine pop melodies in Across the Board’s new record Wild Ones, and anyone who thought that they had heard the best of this band’s skillset prior to its release is in for quite the shock this March. Wild Ones delivers some highly stylized harmonies in tracks like “Monster,” “All Gone” and “Alpha Wolf,” […]

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Para Lia – Soap Bubble Dreams (LP)

Written by on 22 March 2019

Para Lia – Soap Bubble Dreams, is a full-length new record from a band like no other around, but much like those of the past who helped make music what it is today. Led by René Methner on lead vocals and all instruments and accompanied by Cindy Methner on vocals for an interesting and eclectic […]

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