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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 7

308 Ghost Train’s “Bleed Over Me”

Written by on 3 August 2020

Though they don’t play as big a part here as they have in other iconic rock songs, the guitars that lace 308 Ghost Train’s “Bleed Over Me” with sizzle are undeniably just as integral to the single’s chill-factor as any of the other elements in the music are. If you haven’t already heard their work […]

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“Jungle” (SINGLE) by Rich Lindo

Written by on 3 August 2020

Ominously drifting into focus, there isn’t much time between the introduction of the melody in “Jungle” and the arrival of its venomous verses from Rich Lindo, but in these brief moments we’re given special access into a world of darkness that will become all too difficult to escape in the next three minutes. In both […]

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“Some Gave All” from metal’s Broken Past

Written by on 28 July 2020

Loud and monstrous, though consistently melodic throughout its running time, the new single and music video “Some Gave All” from metal’s Broken Past is as sonically profound as it is lyrically moving. A sludgy, riff-based composition that leaves all of the fluff and unwanted fat on the sidelines, “Some Gave All” is an instrumental beast, […]

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Death of the First Person  (LP) by Cinemartyr

Written by on 24 July 2020

Intimidatingly slothful in “Run From Terror to Bring It Closer,” oddly seductive and ascending in “Keeps Getting Up,” the grooves that we hear in the new album Death of the First Person by Cinemartyr are never conventional, but they define the very backbone of this record and its most cathartic moments without question. Employed as a channel […]

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Forest Ray’s new single/video “Shadows”

Written by on 20 July 2020

Second out of the gate on Forest Ray’s Black Pine album is the new single “Shadows”. Established Seattle band Forest Ray go the distance again with this nod to 60s surf and psychedelic rock. And in the same vein as the song “Honesty”, listeners will immerse themselves in the splendor of twangy guitar melted to […]

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Billy Ray Rock’s new single “Get the Funk”

Written by on 14 July 2020

Funk has been making a major comeback in the last few years, and for evidence supporting this, I’d recommend taking a peek at the underground pulse and some of its brightest new stars – such as Billy Ray Rock. Billy Ray Rock’s new single “Get the Funk” is a celebration of funk that doesn’t tether […]

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