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C’nky Siwela – My Name is in the Echo

Written by on 7 November 2015

C’nky Siwela – My Name is in the Echo URL: South African born C’nky Siwela bucked conventional wisdom, wouldn’t take no for an answer, emigrated from his homeland for an uncertain American future, and triumphed mightily with the release of his first single, “Distant Cry”. The second release from Siwela, “My Name is in […]

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VITNE – Endless Blue (EP)

Written by on 5 November 2015

VITNE – Endless Blue (EP) BANDCAMP: This 4 member rock band from Norway led by VITNE (Joseph Kimbrell) recently released his latest 6 song EP entitled Endless Blue 2015. From the first notes of “Rain of Hope” trough to the final winding twists and turns of “The Ocean” this release fires on all cylinders. […]

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This Holiday Night

Written by on 5 November 2015

This Holiday Night Primary URL: We need more Margo Reys and fewer Taylor Swifts. The latter’s legion of fans may wince and grumble at such a sentiment, but many listeners will hear the lush energy of Rey’s latest single, a re-release of her 2014 Christmas song “This Holiday Night” and conclude real artistry lies […]

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The Cla-Zels

Written by on 4 November 2015

The Cla-Zels – Set Your Ray To Stun URL: Locale: Cincinnati, Ohio It wasn’t to long ago Seattle, Washington ruled the airwaves with amazing band like Nirvana, Peal Jam and Alice in Chains. Recently rapper Maclemore is taking off. Cincinnati also has it’s fair share of hot bands over the years as well. The […]

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Drastic Andrew – Live Without Warning

Written by on 3 November 2015

Drastic Andrew – Live Without Warning Everyone needs to distinguish themselves from the pack somehow. When and if you read about Drastic Andrew dubbing their musical style as “New Rock Country Wave”, try to not pay attention. They mean well. They want you to understand. However, there’s no reason to clutter up what they do […]

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Tacachale Chamber Orchestra

Written by on 2 November 2015

BAND: Tacachale Chamber Orchestra ALBUM: Ocean Floor Funeral FACEBOOK: Sometimes you feel like you should try something new, drive a new road, order a new type of coffee, and perhaps listen to a completely different genre of music altogether; for those daring days you will want to take a listen to the new eclectic […]

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Ann Wilson (of Heart)

Written by on 28 October 2015

Ann Wilson (of Heart) URL: The Ann Wilson Thing might not be the Ann Wilson you know and hold close as Dreamboat Annie or Little Queen, but upon closer inspection it really holds up as its own standalone project. Wilson’s EP under this band moniker sees the singer melt her vision down to a […]

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Shotgun Holler – Loaded

Written by on 26 October 2015

  Shotgun Holler – Loaded Primary URL: Shotgun Holler deserves props for their bravery. Even in the cozier confines of the Midwest, it can’t be an entirely comfortable experience attempting to sell such rustic music in a modern era rarely prizing substance. This five piece is an assemblage of some of the best players […]

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The Tosspints – The Privateer

Written by on 14 October 2015

The Tosspints – The Privateer Music often labeled by the press as “folk” is overstuffed with hippy-dippy guitars, flower power arrangement, no muscle and just a general sense of “wee” this is so much fun, come hang out in the field with us. Though Saginaw, Michigan’s The Tosspints carry around the folk label, […]

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Tyler Edwards – Too Young for Love

Written by on 1 October 2015

Tyler Edwards – Too Young for Love YOU TUBE: Tyler Edwards takes the listener on a hayride through the hard country on his debut EP, Too Young for Love. These tunes are practically antiquities, artifacts from a style long thought extinct has modern folk often eschews the legitimacy and heartfelt passion of the Dylan […]

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