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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 77

Water Street – Waiting for Martin

Written by on 30 September 2016

Water Street – Waiting for Martin URL: The first album from New Jersey five piece Water Street entitled Waiting for Martin is another timely reminder that decidedly retro themed music can still strike a relevant chord in the music world. The sincerity on display throughout these ten songs is beyond dispute. Water Street isn’t […]

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Jeff Road – Come Ride with Me

Written by on 27 September 2016

Jeff Road – Come Ride with Me FACEBOOK: Quietly and with great skill, Jeff Road assembled one of the most memorable turns into traditional rockabilly and country heard in at least twenty years. The most remarkable quality on his debut, however, might be how well the mix of his often intensely literary lyrics, nuanced […]

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Stevie Pre – Greatest Hits

Written by on 23 September 2016

Stevie Pre – Greatest Hits URL: A large file folder of telling wavs., sounds, jazz, electronic, funk, synth, vocals, blues, smooth, EDM sends this taste of personality into a solidified presence for this work of his greatest hits, all by New Jersey DJ/Producer- Stevie Pre. The underground djing has seen a huge success over […]

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Zoe Nutt – Like You

Written by on 22 September 2016

Zoe Nutt – Like You URL: The latest spate of female singer/songwriters coming out of Nashville over the last decade , mainstream and indie alike, has scored artistically with a varying degree of success. It is likely that many performers are being placed in less than ideal positions to succeed and, thus, squander their […]

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Jokatech – Standing Still Symphony

Written by on 21 September 2016

Jokatech – Standing Still Symphony URL: Jokatech’s progressive style takes experimental jazz, some traditional structures, a fascination with multimedia hybridization, and sound collages together and forms a viable and compelling form meshed with one of a kind literary flair and performing ability that reduces multi-syllabic lines to verbal rubble. Despite his relatively obscure status, […]

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Ian K

Written by on 16 September 2016

Ian K Primary URL: Ian K is a well-seasoned Canadian indie music artist that has played on some of the biggest stages to be found anywhere, and has had the good fortune to play alongside some of the big names in music in Canada, including members of Our Lady Peace, Platinum Blonde, Von Groove, […]

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The Retakes – Trash (EP)

Written by on 14 September 2016

The Retakes – Trash (EP) FACEBOOK: Not sure if it’s me, but in the past few decades I’ve seen a great increase of punk derived bands taking the scene by storm. Some have conquered the charts and the hearts of many people, but the thing with a particular genre popularity is that it tends […]

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Anomie Belle – Flux

Written by on 13 September 2016

Anomie Belle – Flux URL: Few releases this year, indie or otherwise, will resonate with its intended audience like Anomie Belle’s debut Flux. The dozen songs compromising its running order cover a gamut of musical sounds. The predominant influences dominating her songwriting are trip hop, electronica, and dance with a dollop of classical added […]

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Thomas Charlie Pedersen – Second Hand War

Written by on 13 September 2016

Thomas Charlie Pedersen – Second Hand War FACEBOOK: Thomas Charlie Pedersen, front man for Danish alt-rockers Vinyl Floor, has stepped away from the high octane melodic trappings of his full-time band for his first turn as a solo artist. Second Hand War is a fourteen song collection that plays to his across the board […]

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The Fylls – Interrupted

Written by on 9 September 2016

The Fylls – Interrupted URL: Another review with a band that I am unfamiliar with – The Fylls are a New York City Indie ArtPop Rock band whose eclectic collection of songs are often infused with socially conscious messages and are always couched in infectious, tight, upbeat grooves and harmonies. The band is an […]

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