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Author: Sebastian Cole / Page 84

The Metamorfosi – Chrysalis

Written by on 24 March 2016

The Metamorfosi – Chrysalis FACEBOOK: Italian art/progressive rock trio The Metamorfosi carry on a long tradition of challenging music emerging from Italy’s music scene. Many of the performers and bands who have achieved widespread recognition have a taste for the esoteric and The Metamorfosi is no exception. Their second album, Chrysalis, explores themes of […]

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Nathan Mathes – Anajune Rival

Written by on 21 March 2016

Nathan Mathes – Anajune Rival URL: Unique is the first thing that comes to mind when I listen to Anajune Rival by Nathan Mathes. The album, comprised of 11 songs, is a combination of folk and rock. The mellow, deep voice of Mathes accompanied by thought provoking lyrics makes this album a hit. Nathan […]

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The RIDEOUTS – Heart & Soul

Written by on 17 March 2016

The RIDEOUTS – Heart & Soul URL: The Rideouts are a fun and rather surprising group of Italian musicians unabashedly paying homage to British and American rock of the 1960s and 70s. Guitarist and singer Max Scherbi of Trieste, Italy, formed the band in 2003 after a pilgrimage to Liverpool to follow the footsteps […]

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Spacebear – Straight for the Sun

Written by on 14 March 2016

Spacebear – Straight for the Sun We aren’t looking for something new to say. Everything’s been said. Instead, music listeners and any lovers of art are looking to find new ways of expressing the familiar and meaningful. The greatest artists in any area discover their own personal language reflecting both their experience and tenor of […]

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RJ Comer – Nightly Suicide

Written by on 11 March 2016

RJ Comer – Nightly Suicide URL: Formerly the front man of the Dance Hall Pimps, RJ Comer redefines his musical style with a stripped down version of Americana Rock. RJ released his new single “Nightly Suicide” on February 26th with an accompanying music video due out March 7th. This is first single off of his […]

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Monique Angele

Written by on 9 March 2016

Monique Angele URL: With a new EP out and titled ‘Answers’, Monique Angele surely does not waste time when it comes to attracting in an audience. The concept of combining a Classical element (in this case piano) with an Alternative/Pop vocal range can go two ways. Horribly wrong or graciously magnificent. Thankfully Monique Angele […]

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Lexxica drops hot new single

Written by on 7 March 2016

Lexxica drops hot new single INSTAGRAM: Lexxica is an electronica driven vocalist and songwriter from Los Angeles. She works in a range of EDM styles: house, electro, dubstep and indie-dance. Her new single Hello Friday was released on February 22, followed by the lyric video on February 23. Producing the song, the singer intended to […]

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Grown Up Avenger Stuff – Eclectica

Written by on 4 March 2016

Grown Up Avenger Stuff – Eclectica URL: The only viable creative ground left to explore in hard rock and metal remains fusion. The trick is to pull it off without ever abandoning the root principles imbuing hard rock with its lasting appeal. Dynamics are essential. The contrast between light and shade, coupled with an […]

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Dream Eternal Bliss drops EP

Written by on 2 March 2016

Dream Eternal Bliss URL: Let’s face it, one of the decades that have influenced today’s music has been the 80s, from the EDM to the Alternative – it was a great time in music. The following band, known as Dream Eternal Bliss, though was influenced by a style that sadly isn’t as popular as […]

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Single Review – Labeled – SOULEYE

Written by on 2 March 2016

Single Review – Labeled – SOULEYE  Primary URL: Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Souleye labels his music as ‘conscious hip-hop’. It’s a powerful blend of R&B, rap and funk. It’s a bit difficult to identify a ‘best’ single track from his album “Shapeshifting”, but the closest you could come would probably be the track […]

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