Who’s Worse, Nickelback or Kim Kardashian?

A new survey taken just days after Kim Kardashian revealed she’s pregnant with Kanye West, concluded that Kim is now hated more than Nickleback. Do you agree?
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David Bowie Releases New Single, Announces First Studio Album in 10 Years

new bowie albumToday may be David Bowie’s 66th birthday, but it’s his fans who are getting the gifts.


The legendary extraterrestrial made official this morning on his website what had been rumored for years: A brand new studio album — his 30th overall — will be released March 12th in the US and a day earlier everywhere else (except Australia, which gets it on March 8th).

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Secret Memo Regarding Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Reissue Leaked

NirvanaThe following document was obtained by Collapse Board from an unnamed source. It is currently being distributed to all major music publications and websites. Despite the threat of lawsuit, we have decided to publish this document verbatim. The author of the document is unknown.


This memo is being sent out to prepare everyone for the major musical event of 2013. I am speaking, of course, about the 20th anniversary reissue of In Utero by Nirvana. Our friends at Pitchfork will produce a news item around May letting people know that the reissue is coming. Details will be scant, but it will nevertheless grease the wheels and allow a suitable amount of excitement to build up before the actual reissue. When the reviews start to appear it is vital that they all hold to a similar pattern. To understand why this is the case we must look once more to The Beatles. The sheer amount of Beatles literature (and its continued market success) should tell us all one very important fact: people not only like to read the same story over and over again, they demand it. Our job is to retell the story, to reinforce the legends, to emphasise the inflexibility of the narrative. So, given these facts I’ve prepared some bulletin points that focus on what each review should highlight:

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Yes A Trillion Dollar Coin Will Solve Our Problems


Today, New York Times columnist and Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman wrote that President Obama should be “absolutely” prepared to mint a one trillion dollar platinum coin and use it to pay the government’s bills. It wasn’t a typo: a lot of people are discussing the trillion-dollar coin as a way to avoid a fight over the debt ceiling. But what is it? And why? And whose face will be on it? Here’s our guide. More »

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The Black Keys and the Flaming Lips Tour Together

The Black Keys and the Flaming Lips Tour Together

The Flaming Lips photo by Erez Avissar, the Black Keys photo by Danny Clinch

This spring, the Black Keys and the Flaming Lips will head out on a short tour together. The two bands will hit the following cities:

04-28 Kansas City, MO – Sprint Center
04-30 Pittsburgh, PA – CONSOL Energy Center
05-02 Atlanta, GA – Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
05-03 Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena

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Guitar Picks Made from Coins

guitar picks

Are you ready to rock hard–at least as hard as a copper and nickel alloy? Dustin and Stephanie can help. They cut and shape US coins into fully functional guitar picks. They’re available as common coins, such as quarters and Sacagawea dollars, or antique coins, including buffalo nickels, wheat pennies and silver dollars.

Link -via NotCot

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Sweet Leda at Legendary Dobbs 1/11

Friday, January 11, 2013


Our first time here, and we’ve heard such beautiful things about The Legendary Dobbs!

Show starts at 8:00….Sweet Leda performs at 10:00pm


A very warm welcome from Jim Thorpe:


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Archer Creator Adam Reed and Director Sebastian Guiterrez on R2HT This Tuesday

Frisky DingoR2HT is back January 8th for an all new show with Ryan, Jeff, Tom, Sam, with special guests Adam Reed and Sebastian Gutierrez.


Archer. Frisky Dingo. Sealab 2021. All cartoons you know and love. All shows created by the legendary Adam Reed! With Archer season four premiering January 17 on FX, Adam will join the crew to talk about what we can expect from the world’s deadliest spy, his cohorts at ISIS, a crossover with Bob’s Burgers, and more. There’s a reason why the R2HT loves Archer and you are all about to find out why!


One of Ryan’s favorite directors, Sebastian Guiterrez will be calling into the show to talk about his newest film Hotel Noir which stars Rufus Sewell, Carla Cugino, Malin Akerman, Danny DeVito, Mandy Moore, and Rosario Dawson while talking up his other films Women In Trouble, Elektra Luxx, Rise: Blood Hunter, and Snakes on a Plane.


Sebastian GutierrezComing up on the January 22nd show? Director Sean Tiedeman will be joining us to talk about his upcoming documentary The King of Arcades. Richie Knucklez Arcade, one of the biggest arcade phenomena in the world, is now the focus of this highly anticipated documentary. Thought the arcade was a myth just like the Jersey Devil? We’ll find out when Sean and Richie Knuckles himself join us live in-studio!


So join us for two jam-packed shows in January – live and ONLY on GasHouseRadio.com.


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Top 10 Songs of December 2012

Our listeners vote on every song that’s played on Gashouse Radio. The Top 10 highest voted songs are played every single day in our Top 10 Countdown at 3pm ET.


The list resets every month, so here we have the Top 10 Songs from December:


  1. DRAG – Hollywood Waist
  2. Steve Oakley Band – My Own Highway
  3. Edelweiss – Icarus
  4. Hiding Scarlet – Take This Night
  5. Music Box Dynamo – Redwood
  6. Colour of Bone – Sympathiser
  7. Tsunami Rising – Slitting Your Wrists with a Competitive Edge
  8. Myamoto – Too Late
  9. Mike Trem – Falling Tide
  10. Blue Food – Tete A Tete


Make sure you vote on the songs you hear all day long on Gashouse Radio. These votes determine how often the song is played in rotation. Plus, these votes could get a band into our Top 10 Countdown show or on our Greatester Hits show, Fri & Sat 8pm-12am ET.