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7 January 2013

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Guitar Picks Made from Coins

Written by on 7 January 2013

Are you ready to rock hard–at least as hard as a copper and nickel alloy? Dustin and Stephanie can help. They cut and shape US coins into fully functional guitar picks. They’re available as common coins, such as quarters and Sacagawea dollars, or antique coins, including buffalo nickels, wheat pennies and silver dollars. Link -via […]

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6 January 2013

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Sweet Leda at Legendary Dobbs 1/11

Written by on 6 January 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013 8:00pm Our first time here, and we’ve heard such beautiful things about The Legendary Dobbs! Show starts at 8:00….Sweet Leda performs at 10:00pm Sweet Leda A very warm welcome from Jim Thorpe: via Sweet Leda at Legendary Dobbs in Philly.

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2 January 2013

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Top 10 Songs of December 2012

Written by on 2 January 2013

Our listeners vote on every song that’s played on Gashouse Radio. The Top 10 highest voted songs are played every single day in our Top 10 Countdown at 3pm ET.   The list resets every month, so here we have the Top 10 Songs from December:   DRAG – Hollywood Waist Steve Oakley Band – […]

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