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Edelweiss vs. Dirty Candy

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Edelweiss vs. Dirty Candy

Posted by Dustin in Gashouse Live

Edelweiss are dominating Band vs Band on Brain Office and they’re now coming to Philly! That’s right, for 12 days straight now Edelweiss has been given the thumbs up by our listeners. They’ve got a big show this Friday at Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg and May 27th at the Cameo Gallery in NY. They just added another show July 7th at The Fire. They have a shot at retirement in Band vs Band, but first they must get by Dirty Candy.

Dirty Candy are a UK band with a rare, one-word genre; Rock! The piece have individually toured the UK in one band or another, and now have come together on a new project. The EP was released earlier this month and you can grab it for free at

We’ll play one song from each band back to back at the beginning, middle, and end of the show. We ask you the listener to vote with the thumbs up/down buttons on our player page and on our Android/iPhone apps. These votes will determine who stays on to battle the following day.

We’ll also be playing #RadioRoulette for your chance to win all kinds of prizes. Brain Office, 5pm ET every weekday, only on



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