Gashouse Radio’s First Friday Showcase featuring Stereoma, Jean Claude’s Damn Van, Mama Hankton, and Skip Monday!

Stereoma – Think of Brian Wilson having a beer spiked with Weezer, Wilco, U2 and Arcade Fire. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this is what STEREOMA (pronounced “stair-ee-OH-ma”) offers.

Jean Claude’s Damn Van – We’re from Norristown. We play and love music. We have different influences that contribute to our sound. We like that. We like you.

Skip Monday – This duo now calls Scranton, PA. home. Award-winning songwriter, Kaylin Karr takes care of the guitar work and memorizes with her stunning vocals and Nathan Montella provides the percussion magic and backbeat to light up her music. Together, this duo blows audiences away with their undeniable talent, infectious melodies and an avalanche of soul-stirring lyrical creations and touching compositions that capture the listener.