The Nytrous Radio Hour is a weekly four hour show on Tuesday nights that encompasses the music from the sixties and seventies that show host Lance Fingles loves so well

The Dungeon Music series takes place in the middle of the Nytrous Radio Hour. We have a local artist come in, sit around the big square table, talk about whatever they feel like, and play some of their original tunes. Generally we just relax and have a good time. Later we podcast the show.

And also now we have Dungeon Music Live  Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am till noon we play the songs that were recorded live on our Tuesday night show.


Recent Podcast Episodes

Amy Dee Podcast

Dungeon Series: Ted Bunch

Dungeon Series: Nytrous

Dungeon Series: Eric13!

Dungeon Series: Keith Shaw

Dungeon Series: Rob Petitti

Dungeon Series: Andrew Moorer

Dungeon Series: Josh Maddux

Dungeon Series: Shadow and the Thin Man

Dungeon Series: Paul Kurrey

Dungeon Series: Jay Regan

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