OTiS vs. Shadowplay

Band vs Band 300x158 OTiS vs. ShadowplayOTiS moves on to day number 8! Everyone in the chat really seems to be digging their album Music Elevator. Check it out yourself, and grab a free track at brooklynotis.com. Today OTiS will see how they match up against Shadowplay.

Shadowplay are a pure rock band from our own backyard, Mt. Laurel NJ. They’ve got a handful of shows lined up this summer including June 23rd at The Grape Room, and July 28th they’ll be playing the big Hollystock festival in Mt Holly, NJ. Check out Shadowplayrocknroll.com for more information.

Shadowplay’s sound, as described by Corkery himself, is “classic rock with a definite modern edge, not just a re-hash of the old stuff.” Although the term “old souls” can often conjure a sour taste in some mouths, there is no other phrase that comes to mind when listening to Shadowplay’s youthful and exuberant embrace of hard rock’s forefathers.” Temple News

Today at 5pm ET we’ll play one song from each band back to back at the beginning, middle, and end of the show. We ask you the listener to vote with the thumbs up/down buttons on our player page and on our Android/iPhone apps. These votes will determine who stays on to battle the following day.
Thumbs JPEG OTiS vs. Shadowplay

We’ll also be debuting Brooklyn, NY’s Jay Shepard and playing #RadioRoulette for your chance to win albums, stickers, tees, concert tickets and more. Interviews, live performances and more. Gashouse Live, 5pm ET every weekday, only on www.gashouseradio.com.

 OTiS vs. Shadowplay


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