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OTiS vs. The Way Home

Band vs Band

OTiS vs. The Way Home

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OTiS takes the top spot on Band vs Band! Please Dance Hell Bear are a serious band out of Moscow who had a bit of a winning streak, but OTiS’ groove proved to be too much. If you go to right now you can grab a free download of Makin’ Love Easy, 1st place winner in the International Songwriting Competition. Today we’re putting up a few tracks from Music Elevator against The Way Home.

We first heard The Way Home, formerly called The Sobriquets, on Friday Night Live at the Hard Rock Cafe back in November. This 4-piece from Philadelphia writes well-crafted rock songs with a timeless feel. The name change of the band seems to be a sort of new beginning and today at 5pm you’ll hear a few tracks from their new album On So Thin A Line.

Today at 5pm ET we’ll play one song from each band back to back at the beginning, middle, and end of the show. We ask you the listener to vote with the thumbs up/down buttons on our player page and on our Android/iPhone apps. These votes will determine who stays on to battle the following day.

We’ll also be introducing The Centerfolds and playing #RadioRoulette for your chance to win albums, stickers, tees, concert tickets and more. Interviews, live performances and more. Brain Office, 5pm ET every weekday, only on



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