• Furniture Guys Podcast #9

    April 10, 2018  /  Furniture Guys

    Furniture Guys Podcast #9
    The Furniture Guys

    00:00 / 1:03:53

    Joe and Ed tell us about about their two trips to NYC to be on The View, and Kathy and Regis Also they let us in on their new endeavor “Eat Us”

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  • Frank Porter

    April 10, 2018  /  Frank Porter

    Frank Porter
    Dungeon Series

    00:00 / 36:11

    Guitarist Frank Porter brought his ovation in and played some songs and told some stories. He played his very cool award-winning instrumental Fly, as well as some other original tunes.

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  • Bubbles

    April 3, 2018  /  Bubbles

    Well this was a different kind of show. Performance arts comes to the Dungeon.  Bubbles is a unique character with a penchant for the dramatic. With his musical partner Andy on Bass and guitar the duo explore areas never explored before on this show. It was quite The Emotional Taco

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