• Frank Porter

    April 10, 2018  /  Frank Porter

    Frank Porter
    Dungeon Series

    00:00 / 36:11

    Guitarist Frank Porter brought his ovation in and played some songs and told some stories. He played his very cool award-winning instrumental Fly, as well as some other original tunes.

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  • Bubbles

    April 3, 2018  /  Bubbles

    Well this was a different kind of show. Performance arts comes to the Dungeon.  Bubbles is a unique character with a penchant for the dramatic. With his musical partner Andy on Bass and guitar the duo explore areas never explored before on this show. It was quite The Emotional Taco

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  • Larry Saklad

    April 3, 2018  /  Larry Saklad

    Dungeon regular Larry Saklad makes a late night visit to the Dungeon after his movie experience. Larry plays his 6 string guitar this time as he plays us his new songs and tells us what he’s been up to

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  • Kinagree Smith

    March 20, 2018  /  Kinagree Smith

    Lexie Smith and Jack Kinagree of Kinagree Smith  discus their new album full of quircky and scarishly poppy songs. We had a good time.

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  • Luke Cleary and Friends

    March 6, 2018  /  Luke Cleary and Friends

    Luke Cleary  Vocals and Guitar,  Melissa Del Rinker on cello and vocals, Boaz Kim on harps, and Jan Alba on flute Luke Cleary brings his different songs of life, introspection, and keys to the Dungeon with his friends who create a new palette of musical colors.

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  • Dylan Graff

    January 9, 2018  /  Dylan Graff

    Dylan Graff might be young but he’s an old soul with a man’s voice.  He tells us his hopes and dreams and plays some mean songs in his visit to the Dungoen

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  • Calla Bere and the Attitude

    December 12, 2017  /  Calla Bere and the Attitude

  • Dr. Beardface and the Spaceman

    November 14, 2017  /  Dr. Beardface & The Spacemen

    Matt Boyle and Kerrie Trube from Dr Beardface and the Spaceman bring their cool sound to the Dungeon. Good stories and good music.

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  • Alix Paul & Mike Ruhl

    November 17, 2017  /  Alix Paul & Mike Ruhl

    Alix Paul & Mike Ruhl visited the Dungeon . Alix’s songs and vocals are funky and very soulful. She accompanied by Mike’s other wordly bass-playing. Most of their songs are just bass and percussion but their sound is full and satisfying.

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  • Monique Canniere with Acoustic Martin 10-17-17

    January 1, 1970  /  Monique Canniere with Acoustic Martin

    Monique Canniere with Acoustic Martin 10-17-17
    Dungeon Series

    00:00 / 1:15:56

    Monique Canniere along with William and Justin Martin bring the sound of Acoustic Martin to the Dungeon. Monique plays the piano and violin, and oh yea the pennywhistle. Listen in to Acoustic Martin’s unique take on their original songs, Irish ditties,and some Tom Petty.

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