The Wayside Shakeup – Wear You Down

November 3, 2014


This week’s featured band, The Wayside Shakeup, is nothing but a good time.

 UPDATE: The new single is now available! Grab it on iTunes right now!

With influences ranging from the Grateful Dead to Gaslight Anthem, Philadelphia’s own Americana rock n’ roll band paved the way for success with the release of last year’s album Optimistic. Not only did the title track receive airplay on Gashouse, but appeared on other major stations such as XRP Radio, 88.5 WXPN, and Radio 104.5. In addition to The Wayside Shakeup’s current exposure, their ability to consistently produce powerful live music has landed them gigs at popular venues such as The Trocadero, The Legendary Dobbs, World Café Live, and Ardmore Music Hall.


Fans are anxiously awaiting November 4th for the release of The Wayside Shakeup’s new single, “Wear You Down.” It was recorded in Collingswood, NJ by highly respected composer/producer Jay Mage, and will be coupled with a stop motion music video created by Jon Barden. If you’re thirsty for more, don’t worry. The Wayside Shakeup is already back in studio recording a few EPs at Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, NJ. Besides, all albums are available for download on iTunes.

Don’t miss The Wayside Shakeup at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weeknights 6pm ET). If you like what you hear, PLEASE use the thumbs up/down button to voice your opinion and check out for more info.


Plantation In Studio, Tonight 6pm ET


Tonight on Gashouse Live, Plantation will be joining us in-studio for an acoustic session


Don’t miss Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET. We have the Philadelphia band Plantation in studio for an acoustic session. While they’ve had a few different lineup changes, the current 4-piece only started playing together last summer. They can be found on stages all around the Philly area. April 4th you can see them at Shady Katie’s, and then on the 16th they will be at Milkboy Philly. Also, look for an album release in late spring of this year. For more information, go to


And of course there is no shortage of new music! Everyday on the show we present the latest submissions to Gashouse in our segment The Radar. Here are the bands on the Radar today:


The Terribles: Going for the seventh straight day on The Radar today. This Philly band have secured a spot in regular rotation, and they’ve spent a few weeks now in our Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 5am and 5pm ET). Not sure if any band is going to be able to knock them off the radar, so make sure you tune today at 2pm and 6pm to hear why our listeners continue to vote them to the top.


: REVERBNATION PICK The Raskins are twin brothers Logan and Roger Raskin born and raised in New York City. Presently living on both coasts of the United States The Raskins have had the wonderful opportunity of composing music for several different television and movie projects, as well as getting the chance to work close with some of the industries biggest directors and producers. The Raskins have currently completed the music for their upcoming full length album scheduled for a 2014 Spring release, along with music videos featuring tracks from the album.


: Drawing from influences like The Talking Heads and Outkast, Deathrow Tull is a new type of party. Bushwick, Brooklyn brought them together so you could dance harder. Deathrow Tull is the whiskey in your lemonade, the dancing shoes on your pet gorilla, and the monster in your pancake.


: REVERBNATION PICK Their music is classic rock, with elements of soul, alternative rock, and blues that make it as tough and brilliant as a titanium alloy. The sound encompasses a huge constellation of the elements of rock ‘n’ roll—fluid movements, melodious ballads, lyrics with intense clarity of vision, appealing vocals, and energetic, electrifying licks. These are blended in a way that is distinctly Fifty Dollar Dynasty.


: Ilya Chkoliar (Chk-o-li-ar) is a young song writer and producer from Melbourne,Australia His current project This Voice That I Hate is a collaboration with the American singer Eric Yaniz and will be releasing mid this year. Ilya’s female fronted rock band Little Red Claudia currently has a single available for purchase on most major online retailers under the title of Small Beginning’s.


: Ghosts Of Home from Elizabeth, NJ is here to take a stand against the “ghosts,” or issues, plaguing society today through their use of positively-influenced music. Their debut EP “Picking Locks” takes you through an opening of Ghosts Of Home. Go to to find all their social connections and stream Picking Locks free.


So tune in to Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET. Bring your questions and comments for Plantation to the chat room, and share your opinion on the music we play!

What’s My Line, Tonight 6pm ET

what's my line

Tonight on Gashouse Live our featured band of the week Wooden HEZ will be in studio. The band just got a new guitar player, and they are pretty sure we know who this is. So tonight at 6pm ET we will bring the new guitarist into our studio B, we will be blindfolded, we’ll disguise his/her voice and play a little round of What’s My Line to try and guess the guitar player.


And of course we’ve got a ton of music for tonight’s show as always. The bands debuting today in our segment The Radar include:


The Mumblecores: Having only been together for a few years, this band has the sound of a veteran alt-rock band. This UK band is now on their 3rd straight day on our segment The Radar. With only 1 song in rotation, that is a pretty impressive feat. Tune in tonight to see if The Mumblecores can make it 4 in a row.


: On “Join The Infestation”, Celleste has seamlessly blended her passion for edgy rock, with her love of “40’s-style” catchy melodies, to create a sound that is truly fresh, unique, and out of the ordinary. The result is an irresistible collection of nine hooky, in-your-face, and upbeat songs, whose clear intention is to get you moving, and crank up the volume.


Glenn Aitken Music: New Zealand born singer/songwriter. Plays Guitar, piano and saxophone. Currently based in London. He has quite a resume since moving to London. Check out his Facebook page for full details.


: Matthew Mirliani is an independent singer-songwriter. He reached the top 20 on the ReverbNation Alternative charts for Washington, D.C. Matthew has recently debuted on Gashouse Radio, and now we have a few new tracks from this artist.


Nikki Lerner: Nikki Lerner is an independent alternative/pop soul singer-songwriter based out of Baltimore. A successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter culminated in Nikki’s latest solo album, Longings, which was released in November 2013. Longings is an eclectic group of songs (combining elements of acapella, jazz, pop, r&b, and even drum & bass), blending Jill Scott’s silky vocals, Laura Mvula’s unique vocal and musical arrangements, and Bjork’s love of instrumental experimentation.


: Hold on to your butts, because this is Ten Minute Detour! A brand new band out of Calgary, Canada with major indie garage rock appeal with a lot of classic rock overtones. Their new 3 song EP, available for free on their Bandcamp, will definitely get you moving.


So tune in tonight, and join the chat! It’s better than anything you will find on TV. Interactive, live entertainment that brings you new music every single weekday. Gashouse Live, weekdays, 6pm ET, only on!

Rodger Delany LIVE, Radio Roulette and Great Music, 6pm ET

radio roulette

Tonight at 6pm ET, do not miss Gashouse Live!


Every Thursday we have a different artist come in to the show for an interview and performance. Tonight we welcome our featuredartist of the week, Rodger Delany back in studio. Rodger is a big supporter of the show and one hell of a guitar player so it is always a good time when he sits in on the show. Bring questions and comments to our chat room! But that is not all we have lined up for tonight’s show.


The Radar, our segment where we feature the latest submissions to Gashouse Radio, will continue today. On Tuesday’s show, we had some tchnical difficulties so we are bringing back all the bands that debuted Tuesday for another round. Those bands include Layers And FramesHouse of Not, Curtis Jr and our returning champion . For more information on these bands, check out our post from Tuesday’s show.


Plus, Krantz will be back in studio. We will recap Tuesday night’s open jam at Dobbs and we will be playing Radio Roulette, which means you could win some big prizes just for tuning in. 420Watch will take over the last hour of the show with his Cover Song segment, and much more happening tonight! So join us at 6pm ET, only on



Skittish – The Five Stages EP

skittishArtist: Skittish

Album: The Five Stages EP



Label: Spectra Records


There was a time when this was a full band. Then one of the members attempted suicide and the band came crashing down. Now Skittish is a solo project of Jeff Noller. He has created an exceptional EP here that is all about the five stages of grief, probably a subject with which he’s pretty familiar. This is an extremely strong release that covers a lot of territory. Ultimately it probably lands somewhere in the vicinity of art rock or modern progressive rock, but there are plenty of other things going on, too. This is really extremely strong.


The opening tune “Running Lights (Denial)” establishes a fun vibe from the start. There is some world music in the mix. Added into that is some punk rock and some alterative rock like Camper Van Beethoven. All that is blended into a bouncy rocker that’s just plain cool. It’s a great way to start things on a high note.


The noisy bass-heavy sound that starts “Built to Break (Anger)” is awesome. The vocals come in over the top with some blasts of almost jazzy like singing. There is almost a Primus vibe to this number. It’s got some blasts of heavier sound perhaps akin to Diablo Swing Orchestra. This is a real powerhouse and weird as it is, it’s arguably even stronger than the opener. This is an awesome cut that shifts and turns and rocks like crazy. “The Fixer (Bargaining)” is set in a real pop rock sound. It’s got a bit of a Beatles vibe to it. Some horns at points lend some jazz to the mix. It’s another great song and another side of this band. One might expect a song that represents the depression phase of the process to feel like a funeral dirge. That’s not the case here. “Kerosene (Depression)”  has energy to the music and almost a dreamy quality.


The vocals are understated, lending some of that depressive attitude. It is a pretty, dreamy tune that feels rather like something Porcupine Tree might do. There is a real trippy section later. That gives way to a rocking movement that is more in keeping with things like Radiohead. Weird psychedelic music opens “The World Needs Bartenders (Acceptance).” It works out from there in a gentle bouncy arrangement that again feels quite tied to psychedelia, but with a modern element at play. This works through several changes, but in keeping with that whole modern pop meets psychedelic vibe.


Then around the four and a half minute mark it works out to a percussion and voice break that is quite cool. That gives way to a return to the main song structure. There is some cool guitar work near the end, lending another angle to this. It’s a great way to end a great set.


Rating: 9.5/10 Stars


by Steve Rafferty


Huge Presidents Day Sale on Gashouse Live, 6pm ET

presidents day

Everything is free!! FREE entertainment, FREE music, FREE giveaways, and FREE beer! 


Well, the last part is a little iffy, but tune in to Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET and you will be entertained; that’s a guarantee. We have a lot to catch up on, since our last show was almost a week ago. We will be recapping the weekend, discussing the Tri-State Indie Awards, and taking a look at the handful of events coming up this week. Tuesday night we host the Open Jam, Thursday Rodger Delany will be in studio, and Saturday we have our showcase at Connie’s Ric Rac. Tune in to hear details about all these events.


And of course we have a handful of new music to share. Each day we debut a bunch of bands in our segment The Radar, and we ask your opinion on each song you hear. Use our thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think as you listen to each track. Here is a look at today’s bands:


: REVERBNATION PICK. thirsty. Thirsty for music that is both dangerous and danceable, refreshing as a mojito and as eye-opening as a whiskey sour. A cocktail party mix of reggae, punk rock, jazz, hiphop, and ska. The band is led by a three-piece horn section with roots in the highly-regarded Vancouver Island University Jazz Department, buoyed by a funky rhythm section that serves up sips of bubbling Hammonds and Wurlitzers, shots of distorted guitar, and heavy bass–in your face.  This is Dope Soda.


Hero Jr. is a 4 piece rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana. Carrying the torch of classic 70s rock Hero Jr. manages to inject a fresh and original sound.  The band’s 4th recording, Tower 18, is a direct response to their fans’ wishes for the raw sound representative of their live concerts. Tower 18 combines well written songs, dynamics, both emotional and face-melting performances, and, most importantly, the documentation of a touring band having a laugh for a couple of hours in the Fountain Sq. house the band has shared for over a year.  Hero Jr. will be playing selective shows until their spring 2014 tour kicks off in mid-March. Look for these guys in the Philadelphia are 2/27 at Connie’s Ric Rac, with an appearance on Gashouse Live that night as well.


: Known as the Weedy Guthrie of Weed.
Inventor of the world’s first Hookah Acoustic Guitar.
Stoner Extraordinaire.


: No info on the band at this time, other than they are from California.


Bill Wilson Jr: Making his second straight appearance on The Radar. Bill Wilson Jr has an indie sound that our listeners have found quite favorable. Tune in tonight at 6pm ET to see if Bill can make it 3 straight days on the segment.


The Shed Spiders:  REVERBNATION PICK. The Shed Spiders have unique and distinctive sound. The male and female vocal combination creates depth and warmth whilst catchy chord progressions are combined with distinctive string and piano melodies creating a sound that is altogether unique, interesting and special. Debut album “Nothing To Prove” is now available to purchase via digital download.


So tune in tonight at 6pm ET to Gashouse Live. It is Monday so that means Dave of Wooden HEZ (and star of the most recent episode) will be co-hosting. Plus Amber and Kelly will be taking over the last hour of the show.  Tune in, and join us in chat, it’s way more interesting than TV!

Multiple Featured Bands This Week

wclqueen upstairsSome weeks are harder than  others to choose one band to feature for the week. This week was exceptionally difficult due to just how many great bands have shows this week. It turns out, half a dozen of them are all playing the same venue, the same night.


This Saturday, February 15th, at World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington, DE there are 2 floors of fantastic live music:


Upstairs: WaveRadio, Glim Dropper, The Late Saints, Stereobox


What a great lineup. These bands fit perfectly together, so you definitely want to get there early and stay through all 4 bands. We have seen WaveRadio and Glim Dropper a few times, and they always put on an amazing show. The Late Saints and Stereobox have not yet been on Gashouse, but we hope to change that asap.


The show is all-ages and it starts at 8pm. You can get tickets for only $6 in advance from one of the band members ( contact us if you need help finding advance tickets). Or, just visit the World Cafe Ticket Page.


wclqueen 2-15Downstairs: The Hyde, The Silent Signals, The Burgeoning, Dayseam


It is going to be really difficult deciding which floor to watch at which time. Downstairs you have another great show from beginning to end. The Hyde and The Silent Signals were both recently in studio for an acoustic session, and they both turned out fantastic. We have yet to see The Burgeoning or Dayseam, but we have already heard great things. Look for these bands in rotation very soon as well.


Tickets for the downstairs show are $10 in advance, and this is also all-ages. Again, contact  a band member (or us) for advance tickets, or grab them from the World Cafe site. This show starts an hour earlier than upstairs.


If you’ve never been to World Cafe Live at the Queen, this is a perfect opportunity. It is a very cool venue with unique atmosphere and incredible sound. Pick a floor, or bounce back and forth, but do not miss this show!


Tune in all week to hear these bands in heavy rotation. We will play a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET).



In the Presence of Wolves, Tonight 6pm ET

in the presence of wolves
We’ve got quite the show for you on Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET. Two different bands are coming in-studio, we have half a dozen new bands to debut, a craft-beer tasting, giveaways, and 420watch will bring you an hour of cover songs as well!


Saul and Phil of Overcoming Gravity will be stopping by to fill us in on their show tomorrow night at North Star Bar. They also have an album in the works so we will get an update on that as well. Plus we will get some updates on the other shows that Saul has put together with Gravity Given Productions. If you’d like to book a show with Saul, tune in tonight and join the chat!


Most Thursdays we invite a band in-studio to perform an acoustic set, and tonight we are very happy to have In the Presence of Wolves! This bands 2-song EP took our station by storm late last year. They were a part of our Tournament of Champions in December, and they opened up our first show at Dobbs in December as well. The crowd actually cheered after their sound check; that is how incredible this band is live. Tonight they will be promoting their show this Saturday, 2/8, at The M Room along with Ego Alien and StarSkream.


ITPOW are a heavy prog rock band, so it will be very interesting to hear these songs done in an acoustic setting. They are some of the best musicians in the Philadelphia area, so I’m sure this is going to be an awesome performance. Tune in and don’t miss this set! We will stream the video as well via YouTube Live. These guys are also beer aficionados, so we will be testing out some delicious beers as well.


And of course, round 3 of our segment The Radar takes place during every Gashouse Live. Here are the bands debuting on the station today, one of which will be making their 3rd straight appearance on the show:


Desperate Forben: We’re a new humour-rock band, and we wanna make you happy. We’re four handsome 20 year old guys in Liverpool, we have incredibly British vocals, and a fun vibe to everything we do. Our music’s a concoction of all the best things, check us out.


The After Hours: This is now the third straight appearance on The Radar for this Los Angeles four-piece. We havent had many bands make 3 in a row so far this year, so obviously this band is one worth checking out. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


: The Descenters are a lo-fi, post-punk, and electronic solo project currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Formed in 2010 by local writer and musician Matthew Stoff after several failed attempts to start a band, the act consists of dark, goth-infused alternative rock and synth-pop, influenced by bands like Queenadreena, Smashing Pumpkins, Joy Division, Xiu Xiu, and The Smiths.


Origami Horses: 3- Piece Alt-Rock band from Canterbury , England. Signed to Magnetic Eye Records Today we will be sampling 3 songs from their latest release “TRASHOLA!”, available in digi download, cd and vinyl format.


: The 3-song “The Orange EP” is the first release by rock musician/songwriter/producer Mick August, and was released on 11/4/13. Mr. August is a former member of the New Jersey based bands Vampire and The Holy Family. The 3-song self-released EP was written, arranged, produced, engineered, mastered and performed solely by Mr. August on a budget of “exactly $0.00”.


Lost Romance: Lost Romance is an alt-rock trio mixing punk with 90’s power pop. Formed in 2011 in New Brunswick, NJ they have been regularly touring all over the Northeast to a growing fan base. Their debut EP “The Light And The Dark” was released in 2013 on Los Angeles based indie label Starving Dog Records and was nominated for a 2013 Hoboken Music Award.


So do not miss the show tonight! Otherwise, everyone will be gathered around the water cooler tomorrow at work talking about this show, and you will feel like a total idiot for missing out! Interviews, live performances, new music and much much more. Gashouse Live, weekdays 6pm ET, on

Join Us 2/22 at Connie’s Ric Rac

connies 2-22

Every 4th Saturday we pick 4 bands and put together a show at Connie’s Ric Rac. We put a lot of thought into these shows; we never just throw bands together haphazardly. The bands have to fit well together because we want you to come out at the beginning of the show, and stay through the night. We are trying to avoid the show where a bands fans come out, watch them, and leave.


So join us Saturday February 22nd at Connie’s Ric Rac! We will be hosting, so of course we have plenty of giveaways for the crowd in between sets. Connie’s just went through some major renovations. Improved sound, bigger bar, a new green room, and draft beer! This would be a perfect night to check out the new and improved room. Here’s the bands we have lined up for this show:


Sonnder: This ambitious rock band based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their music spans the vast genre of alternative rock, encompassing sounds from punk, electronic, and indie rock to alt. country, ambient, and heavier rock influences. We had Sonnder in studio a few weeks back for an acoustic session and they sounded phenomenal. We are really looking forward to hearing their full sound.


Toy Cannons: Toy Cannons has developed a unique sound that can be best described as a melodic mix of new wave, oldies and pop punk. Few bands out there today can switch styles so effortlessly and seamlessly like Toy Cannons does. They’ve had a few songs in rotation for quite a while now, but we’ve never had the chance to see them live, until now.


The GoAround: This West Chester band is very new to Gashouse Radio’s rotation, but they’ve been a great addition. The band mainly consists of 2 brothers, and theyve gone through several lineup changes since they started back in 2006. Check out their debut at


Curtis Jr: Curtis Jr started out as Tom Curtis Jr, a singer-songwriter from Springfield, PA. In 2012 Tom gathered up a few great musicians and became the group they are today. They have played all the major venues in the Philadelphia area and we are looking forward to checking them out for the first time on the 22nd. We have yet to get Curtis Jr on Gashouse, but that will change very soon.


So join us at Connie’s Ric Rac on Saturday 2/22 for a great lineup of bands, drink specials, giveaways and a lot of fun.

Open Jam at Dobbs on Tuesday 2/18

As long as there is no gigantic snow storm, we will be hosting an open jam at The Legendary Dobbs on Tuesday, February 18th. These open jams are free, all musicians are welcome to sign up and play, and everyone is encouraged to attend!

open jam

Did you know about the open jam that happens every Tuesday night at The Legendary Dobbs? It’s a free event, there are drink specials, and it is a really good time. You don’t have to be a musician to attend. Check out our page on the open jam, and email me if you have any questions.


When Gashouse Radio hosts an open jam, we always pick someone who participates in the open jam to be a part of one of our showcases, every 2nd Saturday upstairs at Dobbs. So if you would like us to book you for a show, come out to our open jam! Here is the Facebook event to RSVP for our jam on 2/18

Some people have asked me what exactly is an open jam? Basically it is a gathering of musicians at a venue with a full back-line setup, ready to be played. If you are a musician there are a few ways to participate:


  1. $2 PBR and $4 Shots of Jack!

    You can bring your whole band out and sign up to play. when it is your turn on the list (sign ups start at 8pm) your band can go up and play 3-4 songs using the provided drum kit and amps. Think of it as an open mic for your entire band.

  2. If you are just a single guitarist/bassist/drummer /horn player/fiddler/hurdy-gurdyist etc, just sign up to jam. A handful of artists will go up and just start playing a simple progression. If you think you have something to add to the mix, jump up there and join the fun.
  3. If you are an out of town touring band, this is a great chance to get a featured spot on a Tuesday night. It’s very difficult for smaller touring bands to break into large city scenes. This is a chance to play a premier venue with a crowd of people anxious for new music.


Or, as a musician, just sit back and enjoy the open jam. This is a great spot to network with other musicians. If you need a new member for your band, chances are there will be someone here to fill the spot. Gig swap, meet new bands to play shows and much more.


You do not need to be a musician to have fun at the Open Jam! Come out and just enjoy the show!
The Open Jam is free! Plus, $2 PBR and $4 shots of Jack!