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27 July 2015

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Disney Is Live Action Out of Control

Written by on 27 July 2015

Carly and Brooked missed out on this one. Jacqueline and myself took this one. We covered a ton of topics, and heard a ton of great music (Go Evolution, Fink’s Constant, The Keystones and Maudlin Strangers for example). One topic we discussed was Disney’s 13 live action movies they have on their way to theaters. […]

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21 July 2015

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Not Your Father’s Podcast

Written by on 21 July 2015

Brooke, Carly and Jacqueline sat in with Dustin tonight. Every Tuesday night we start with the latest submissions to come through Gashouse Radio. Brooke AND Carly ended up bringing in the same surprise – Not your Father’s Root Beer. This stuff is dangerous. We talked about our usual topics. Don’t forget, most of the stories we talk […]

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10 July 2015

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The MBerry Trip

Written by on 10 July 2015

Every Tuesday night Carly, Jacqueline and myself present the newest music to hit Gashouse Radio. Congrats to Eric and Aaron who came out on top of last week’s Band vs Band. They’re included in this week’s show again, along with Wonky Tonk, The Pretty Fingers, Brosef Gordon-Levitt, Whiskey Reverb, and Donovan Moore. Plus we played a brand new track […]

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28 January 2015

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Rocktales – A New Show Coming to Gashouse

Written by on 28 January 2015

In a world of prepackaged “hits” sometimes it is easy to forget the impact music and the lyrics can make on society or an individual.   Have you ever been curious as to the story behind some of your favorite songs? What did that lyric mean? Is this song about something more than the face […]

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