Gashouse Radio | Worst of the Worst; Shaq vs. Kim Bassinger

Worst of the Worst; Shaq vs. Kim Bassinger

Band vs Band

Worst of the Worst; Shaq vs. Kim Bassinger

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It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means at 5pm ET we have a special edition of Band vs Band; Worst of the Worst. Rather than matching up 2 independent bands head to head, we put 2 celebrity albums against each other to find out who has the worst album.

Last month Shaq faced off against Eddie Murphy and his album that featured the hit Party All the Time. It was determined that while both “artists” where terrible, Shaq was just too diesel. Today at 5pm ET we’ll see if Kim Bassinger can hang.

Prince & The Revolution

Oh, you didn’t know Kim Bassinger had an album? Most people don’t because this album was so bad that the record company shelved it before the release. What’s worse is that it appears Prince had something to do with this nonsense. Kim and Prince dated for a minute right around the time he was working on the Batman soundtrack (remember she played Vicki Vale?). There’s actually controversy among Prince fans as to whether he produced this album or not, and I’d probably deny it if I were him as well.

So today at 5pm ET we’ll put 3 tracks from each pseudo artist head to head and we ask that yu the listener vote with our thumbs up/down buttons. Normally we add up the thumbs up votes and the band with the most votes wins. On Worst of the Worst, whoever has the most thumbs down votes will move on to next month’s match-up.

So please join us, vote, and see if you can sit through these songs. We’ll also be playing some good music too I promise! We’re gonna debut a the space-rap duo known as Apeface & Crumplezone. Plus, as always, we’ll be playing our game #RadioRoulette for your chance to win all kinds of CDs, stickers, T-shirts, etc. We’re live every weekday at 5pm, only on

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