Amber Ladd vs Lyric Dubee

Amber Ladd is 1/3 of the way to being the first retired champion of 2013. While it’s still pretty early on in the competition, Amber definitely has a sound that stands out from the rest. Her music incorporates many different styles whihc is probably why our listeners vote for her day in and day out. Go to to find out more on Amber Ladd, and join us in the chat room today at 5pm ET to hear 3 more tracks.


Lyric Dubee is a Canadian artist that is equally diverse, but in an entirely different direction. Lyric blends rock, pop, blues, and jazz into something he calls Revolution Rock. With 2 albums under his belt, Lyric Dubee has already seen an impressive amount of success. Oh yeah, and he’s only 17 years old. Go to to learn more.


Today at 5pm we’ll be playing 3 tracks from each artist. We need your help to determine who moves on to the next show. We’ve also got brand new music from Abbe May and Colorstone. So tune in to Gashouse Live, weekdays at 5pm ET only on