Amber Ladd vs The Tax

Amber Ladd; if you’re a regular Gashouse listener, then get used to the name. She’s been all over Gashouse Live the past week or so, and her music will continue to be on Gashouse Radio regardless of today’s outcome. Her 2 albums are filled with songs that seem simplistic enough at first, but while listening you soon realize that they are very deep, complex tracks with a lot of feeling.


The Tax are a 5-piece Indie Pop/Rock/Synthrock out of North London. Their debut EP Somebody is Watching You was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. These 5 songs display The Tax’s ability to write modern, edgy songs while still maintaining the songwriting abilities of their classic influences. You can grab a free download from their Reverbnation page, and a few others on their Soundcloud.


Today at 5pm ET we’re gonna put 3 songs from each artist up against each other. We’re gonna ask you the listener to anonymously vote by  pressing the thumbs up/down buttons on each song played. The artist with the most votes at the end of the show moves on to the next day. Amber’s looking for win number 7 at 5pm ET, but The Tax will be tough to get by! Plus we’ve got brand new music from The Year’s, White Blush and Born of the Stars. So tune in to Gashouse Live, weekdays at 5pm ET only on