Amber Ladd vs Tom Lark

This is Amber Ladd‘s last week! She’s on day #12 today. That’s 11 times we’ve matched her music against another artists, and 11 times our listeners decided that they want to hear more Amber on the next show! You can go to Reverbnation and sample some of her tunes, as well as find links to her other pages. She’s been featured i High Times magazine, and if she can pick up 4 more wins on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band, she will be considered a “retired champion”. First, she’ll need to get passed Tom Lark.


Tom Lark is an alt-pop artist and I’m not sure where he’s from. Quite frankly, I’m don’t know much else about this band. An A&R company out of Hollywood sent me a handful of EPs to check out, and Tom Lark’s was in the mix. We added it to rotation, and our listeners give the tunes quite a few “thumbs up”. I do know that if you go to you can sample some of his music, and find links to his Twitter and Facebook as well. Looks like Bandcamp is the best place to pick up his album, and you can tune in today at 5pm Et for a 3 song sample.


We’ll play three songs from both artists, and we’ll ask you the listener to give us your opinion on each using the thumbs up/down buttons located right on the player page and on the Gashouse Radio Android/iPhone apps. Your votes will determine which of these 2 move on to the next day. We’ll also debut The Cruise Controllers, Fronz Arp and Happy Daggers. So tune in to Gashouse Live, 5pm ET only on!