bannerAttention musicians, have you been trying to get your music out to labels, or possibly placed in movies, television and video games? There are tons of places to submit, and many can be expensive.


Check out Audio Rokit. The service was created by musicians to help you through the music submitting process. Audio Rokit collects the current opportunities form around the industry and brings it to you in an easy to understand format. they also make it very easy to send your music out to these opportunities.


submit your musicAudition your songs directly to the industry professionals who place music into movies and TV. A&R reps use Audio Rokit to find new music, and that music might as well be yours. This process can be very time-consuming and expensive, but Audio Rokit will make it easier for you.


Best of all, Audio Rokit is free to join! The free program allows you to store 3 songs on their site, and submit to 1 opportunity per month. There are options to store music and submit to more opportunities if you’re so inclined. I suggest trying out the free version first, and see if there are multiple submissions that will work with your music.


Every artist wants their music to be heard. Audio Rokit gives you a great opportunity to get your music out to the industry professionals, and make some money with your career!