PlanetaryA trip through the solar system, an anthropomorphication of celestial bodies, an emotional journey through a year lost in the wilderness, and a pop-rock concept album, How I Became Invisible’s first full-length, Planetary, is certainly an ear-catching debut LP. Crowdfunded through Kickstarter and recorded in a local studio, Planetary is the brainchild of Nicholas Reed, taking what he’s learned as bass player/vocalist/co-songwriter of Philadelphia’s own Robots & Racecars and crafting catchy hooks & fun melodies all in the name of science.


“This album represents many things to me,” Nicholas said. “A culmination of a dissolute youth spent reading cosmological science books and graphic novels, a representation of the dissolution of most of my life over the course of a year, my love for my friends and family; it’s all a part of what became Planetary.” Joined by a murderer’s row of local scene talent, Nicholas wrote and recorded a song for each planet in the solar system, from Mercury all the way to Neptune (and including one unlisted track for a no-longer-planet.) “Each one is a representation of some facet of the planet in our culture, either scientifically, or archetypically, or maybe just in my addled brain.”


Whether it’s a huge anthem for the Earth, a country-tinged message from Saturn, or a dance party on Jupiter, How I Became Invisible’s Planetary, recorded & produced at Overlook Studios, is a guitar-fueled shot to the brainstem, waiting to go right to your head and play on repeat on your iPod.


How I Became Invisible’s Planetary is available digitally right now, and soon on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.