Minshara are an interesting band out of Harrisburg, PA. It’s extremely difficult to put this band into any kind of category, which is usually what makes a band stand out from the others.

 From an uplifting “Pet Sounds-esque” ballad to a massive club banger, it is difficult to describe their sound in only a few words. From dubstep to prog rock, Incubus to The Beatles, their music explores a range of influences while remaining uniquely distinct.


The band has a show at Fed Live in Harrisburg this Saturday. They’re also going to be playing at the Millenium Music Conference on Saturday, February 16th. That’s 2 chances to check out this band live. For more information visit their page on rockpaperrecords.com, and pick up their Oceans EP on Bandcamp.


Minshara will be in heavy rotation all week on Gashouse Radio and you can hear them at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weekdays 5pm ET). Tune in and give us your opinion of each song with our thumbs up/down buttons! Here’s a quick look at some other music you’ll hear this week on Gashouse Live: