Pocket In RedRecently on Gashouse Live we came across a band from Brussels, Belgium called Pocket In Red. If you didn’t catch that episode, do yourself a favor and sample some music from their Reverbnation page right now.


Speaking of Reverbnation, they are currently ranked #4 in all of Brussels in the Alternative genre. That’s pretty damn impressive considering the band has only been together since September of 2012! Numbers aside, let’s talk about their sound.


Pocket in Red are definitely Alternative/Pop Rock; these songs are very catchy. that being said, to add the word “pop” would be a disservice to the band. Their sound is so large, and their music is so intricate that it’s hard to lump them into the pop category. Extremely talented musicians. Free again, currently in our Top 10 Countdown, has all the makings of a radio hit. It’s actually difficult to pinpoint which type of station this song would dominate. The entire album is very easy to listen to on repeat.


If that weren’t enough, I’ve read nothing but good things about their live performance. Apparently they have a hell of a stage show. I’ve not yet seen any tour dates in the US, but if they end up in the northeast, Gashouse Radio will be there.


Go to Reverbnation and check out the demo. Also, you can request Pocket in Red using our Auto-Request feature, and it will line up next in the queue. And tune in to Gashouse Live because every weekday we are hunting down the best independent artists in the world, and occasionally we stumble upon a great such as Pocket in Red.