frame by frameFrame By Frame Media is throwing a contest to win a top-of-the-line free music video, valued at $2500! We’d like to donate our time & services to great artists who deserve a great quality video, but simply don’t have the budget. There are plenty of amazing artists who deserve this opportunity, but we need everyone’s help to decide the winner.


We will be tentatively doing this contest every few months, featuring a different music genre each time. This time around, we will be accepting submissions from the rock genre (any variety), starting today! The last day for artists submissions will be Sunday, Feb 24, at 11:59 pm E/T. On Wednesday, Feb. 27, we will announce three artists we have hand picked from submissions.


The next part is up to everyone involved here, artists, fans, friends, family, whoever! We will post three YouTube links that include the audio of the song chosen, as well as text summary of the video concept. The public will vote by “liking” their pick’s YouTube link. On Friday March 15, at 7:00 pm ET, the band with the most likes wins the contest!

Here’s an example of Frame X Frame’s work


Here’s what’s required with your submission:


  1. An audio recording of the song you wish to make a video for.
  2. A brief, but detailed description summary of your concept for video (no longer than 300 words).
  3. Location summary for the shoot. Example: “Streets of Philadelphia, Wildwood beachfront, Roosevelt Park, Specific venue or other location for performance shots”
  4. Artists must be based out of the regional Philadelphia area (within 75 miles from center city)


To submit your audio recording, please simply post a comment onto this page, with an online link to the song. We want this whole contest to be as public as possible, so we are avoiding private messages and emails. This way, everyone who is interested in the contest can potentially be turned onto any other artists who submit as well.


The shoot will have a maximum of 3 general locations for the plot aspect, and the performance aspect must be approved by all parties involved, such as venues, business owners, etc. Usually we plan these type of things as part of our job in the pre-production of a music video, but we feel its important to completely hear out an artist’s concepts, including location planning.


The shoot will take place a maximum of two days. Effects will certainly be included in editing, but a maximum of 12 hours will be spent on post production.


Let the contest begin, and may the best band win!

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