We have a show on Gashouse Radio called The Top 10 Countdown (pretty self-explanatory I know).


You can vote on every song you hear on Gashouse Radio throughout the day, using the thumbs up/down buttons next to the chat room on our player page. The voting buttons can also be found on our Android and iPhone apps. We use these votes to determine how often the song gets played, or if it needs to be removed completely.


Everyday at 3pm ET (and again at 2am ET) we play the 10 highest voted songs (independents only). This list resets every month to ensure that we get more bands more exposure. Here’s the final list for the month of January:


  1. reverbnationAmber Ladd – Repeats and Replays
  2. Writing Off Tomorrow – All The Blood I Need
  3. Kalance Theory – I’m OK
  4. Don McCloskey – Buried Alive
  5. OTiS – Leaving Home
  6. Satire Saints – Writing on the Wall
  7. Sweet Leda – Let Her Love Her
  8. Pornophonique – Sad Robot
  9. Pocket In Red – Free Again
  10. Damian Wyldes – Always Remember


Tune in all day every day and help mold Gashouse Radio. Your opinion matters, and when you share your opinion it changes the lineup of music to make sure you like what you hear! More information can be found on our afternoon show Gashouse Live, every weekday 5pm ET only on Gashouse Radio.