DesiderataSaturday, March 30, 2013


Huge show with your favorite group of dead beat friends who refuse to let the dream die…haha. Seriously, we refuse. We had a great time at Milkboy in September and have decided to do it again. Get your tickets NOW as the show sold out last time and we had to scramble to get people in. You can do this by visiting and searching “desiderata”.


We have some very good ideas to make this show unique and have decided to mash it up with a bunch of cover songs from the bands that influenced our sound. If you decide not to come, please delete us as friends and check your credit report daily!! Yes, it is the day before Easter!!


So, you dont have to work the next day. Come out, support a good cause (charity to be announced soon), and visit with old and new friends like Kevin Mickle. I would also like to make this show a personal celebration of my divorce…which better be final by then! Maybe some of you guys can suggest a few fitting cover tunes for the occasion??

via Desiderata Rock and Roll Horror show.