That’s a hell of a title for an article huh?

Christmas in Vietnam

On Monday’s Gashouse Live, Magnificent Birds of Prey got their 15th straight win and are now considered “retired champions”. That means today we go into Band vs Band with 2 brand new challengers.


Bong Hits for Jesus are a classic Gashouse Radio band. We’ve been playing their album, The Monkeybird LP since the beginning of the station and recently we picked up their latest EP Low Rent Hustlers. They are a fun band, and you have a ton of chances to see them live. This Friday they’ll be playing Reverb in Reading, PA and then they’ve got a handful of shows at The Legendary Dobbs scheduled over the next few months. Go to to learn more.


Christmas in Vietnam are kind of a mysterious band out of Tennessee. Not much can be found about the band, other than the fact that we debuted them a few weeks back and got a great response. The important thing is the music, and you can hear a few demos on their Reverbnation Page. Like them on Facebook and tune in today at 6pm ET to hear 3 songs from Christmas in Vietnam.


We’ll play 3 tracks from both bands. As you listen to these songs (and all songs played on Gashouse for that matter) give us your opinion using the thumbs up/down buttons. At the end of the show, the band you guys liked the best will be back to face another challenger tomorrow. We’ll also debut Outside AnimalsThe Silver Heart Club, and . So tune in to Gashouse Live today at 6pm ET!