Time of the Mouth

Magnificent Birds of Prey are here to stay (and I’m terribly sorry for that awful rhyme, unintentional). We knew this was a solid band, but we weren’t sure if they had the power to stay for 15 shows in a row. Now with 9 shows under their collective belts, it looks like Magnificent Birds of Prey could be the 7th band in 2 years to become a “retired champion”. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s still 6 more battles to win, and this band haven’t even played their first live show together!!! You can pre-order tickets to that first show (March 30th at Connie’s Ric Rac) by going to magnificentbirdsofprey.com.


MBOP will have to get past Time of the Mouth. This challenger has only had one single play on Gashouse Radio, and is currently in our Top 10 Countdown (everyday 5pm ET). This three-piece from the UK have been pkaying together since 2010. Their sound is formed from a wide mix of influences, and apparently their live show is energetic as all hell.


We’ve got 3 songs from each band that we will play during Gashouse Live (6-9pm ET). We ask our listeners to vote on every song they hear (not just the band vs band contestants). At the end of the show, the band with the most votes moves on to the next day. Also on the show we have Crows Parliament and Chancellor Pink. So be sure to tune in to Gashouse Live and participate in the show with our chat room. You will be entertained, educated, and you can win free stuff!!