This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of buzzego. All opinions are 100% mine.


If you're a regular listener to Gashouse Live, then you know we rely heavily on Google Reader for the content of our show. It was announced last month that Google Reader will cease this summer, and so we've been looking for a replacement.


Check out buzzego, the first truly personalized web feed that lets you effortlessly find the most relevant and readable stories from across the web. Buzzego really simplifies the process of finding relevant articles on the web and brings them to you in a fun, easy fashion.


Unlike, you don't need to find a bunch of twitter feeds, RSS feeds or keywords. Just click a few simple topics and Buzzego will find the best articles to suit you. The feeds you receive are personalized based on the "pandas" you choose (just try out the site and you'll see what I mean).


The coolest feature is that the more you use Buzzego, the more it will learn about your taste. That means as time goes on, your personal feed of news and info will be more and more in-line with your personal taste! This is truly a unique feature we haven't seen from a Google Reader replacement.


So go to Buzzego and see for yourself. You can give it a test run before you ever even sign up as a user. And don't worry, once you do sign up as a user, it's free. So give it a try, and use it for a few weeks to really see how well Buzzego learns your interests!

For further information, visit and give their site a try by visiting


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