The Lost Will Follow
After 15 very close battles on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band, The Lost Will Follow have become only the 8th band in our history to be a “retired champion”.


What does retired champion mean exactly? It means that for 3-4 weeks straight a band has shown that they know how to promote themselves, they bring a unique presence to our chat room during the show, and of course the music is great as well.


Now the Band vs Band portion of Gashouse Live is sort of a “quasi-competition”. It’s really just a fun way to promote two bands at the same time. That being said, it really shows us which bands are pushing themselves to get their music heard. The Lost Will Follow now join an excellent group of artists that have the both the talent and the hard work needed for success:


So look forward to hearing the Lost Will Follow in heavy rotation from now on. And be sure to catch them live on May 11th at Hebe Music, Amber Ladd and Wooden HEZ will be sharing the stage as well!