Today’s one of those rare days where we do not have a returning champion. On Friday, The Lost Will Follow won their 15th straight battle to make them a “retired champion” on Gashouse Live‘s Band vs Band segment. So today we start with 2 newcomers to Band vs Band, completely even matchup.


Dawnchasers are a soul/reggae/rock (and these 3 words do not really accurately describe their sound) band from the outskirts of Philadelphia. We heard one song from them on air so far and I loved it, looking forward to hearing more. They’ve got a unique style which you can hear for yourself live at Grape Room on May 9th. Go to their Bandcamp page and grab their EP on a “name your price” basis.


Based in the foothills of Bucks County, Wineskin is an ever evolving musical machine. The band is a four piece, and often greater than the sum of its parts. Their songs range from light to heavy, slow to fast which makes for an eclectic album and a fun live show. We met their drummer Tim at a Wooden HEZ show, Tim’s other project, and he was nice enough to give us a copy of the The Great American Album. You can hear it by going to their Reverbnation page.


We’re going to play 3 songs from each band today at 6pm ET on Gashouse Live/ We’ll ask you to listen, and share your opinion of each ong by using our thumbs up/down buttons. After 3 rounds, the band with the most votes will become champion, and come back for tomorrow’s show. We’ve also got new music from G.U.F., , and .