Black StarsIf you are at all familiar with original music in Philadelphia, then you’ve probably come across Black Stars. In only 3 short years as a band they’ve played nearly every venue in Philly and have developed a reputation as a talented, energetic rock 4-piece.


We’ve had a some older recordings of Black Stars in rotation for a long time now, and we’re very excited to get their latest self-titled release. They are raw, gritty rock with definite undertones of funk, and the album has 8 fine examples. We don’t review albums too often on our site, unless the album makes a distinct impression on us and our listeners.


The album starts with Raise Your Soul, already a Gashouse Radio listener favorite. The next two tracks, Can’t Stop Me Now and Leave Me Alone, are powerful rock tunes with funky bass lines and catchy riffs. Limitations, Slick and Human Nature are 3 songs we’ve heard on their previous Drexel Sessions EP. Maybe it’s because I can already sing along with these, but they’ve become personal favorites, and it’s great to hear them with such professional production. Sex in E shows a little more of the funkier side of Black Stars, and the album comes full circle with Don’t Let Go.


Black Stars’ new self-titled album is a great example of the talent level in Philadelphia. We were excited when we heard there was new recordings, and the band certainly did not disappoint. Go to their Bandcamp page and pick up the album for yourself. Find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to see why Gashouse Radio listeners are all about Black Stars.


Highlights: Raise Your Soul, Slick