Music Box Dynamo

This week’s featured band is Philadelphia’s Music Box Dynamo.


You may remember Music Box Dynamo from last year’s Band vs Band.  They had quite a run and ended up as Semi-Finalists in the Tournament of Champions.


The reason our audience responds so well to MB Dynamo is because of their well-written songs that manage to incorporate many different styling into each. Their album Here It Is is in regular rotation on Gashouse, and their songs (I suggest My High) can be heard at any time using our auto-request feature on the player page.


Legendary DobbsI’ve also heard great things about their live shows. You have a chance to see for yourself this week as Music Box Dynamo join a great lineup at The Legendary Dobbs on Thursday, April 11th. Also on that show are Novae, Zak Smith Band, Theopolis James and Jacob Kulick. Check out (awesome looking site by the way) for more information on the band.


Tune in all week to hear Music Box Dynamo in heavy rotation. You’ll hear a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live  (weekdays 6pm ET). When yo hear an MB Dynamo song (or any song for that matter) be sure to use our thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think!