The Lost Will Follow

The Lost Will Follow held on to the top spot yesterday in Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band. Their eclectic sound is what keeps the listeners interested to hear more. A great example would be Olympic Torch, which has remained the #1 song in our Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 5pm ET) for almost the entire month. Come join us on 4/20 at Finnegan’s Wake to see The Lost Will Follow live. They’ve got a bunch of other shows in the coming weeks as well. Just go to to check out some songs, show schedule and more.


The Mainestreet Band are the #1 rock band out of Millville, NJ according to Reverbnation. What started as a cover band has evolved, through many previous projects, into the band you will hear today at 6pm ET. The Mainestreet Band released their first album, Dime A Dozen, earlier this year which you can grab from CDBaby. You can see them live April 19th at the Old Oar House in Millville and May 3rd at Dobbs.  Follow them on twitter for the latest updates and tune in today to Gashouse Live to hear more.


We’ll play 3 songs from each band. While you listen to each song, let us know what you think by using the thumbs up/down buttons located next to the chat room and on our mobile apps. These votes will determine who comes back for tomorrow’s show. We’ll also be debuting new music from , and . So tune in to Gashouse Live, weekdays at 6pm ET, only on!