burning condors

Because of some technical difficulties (thanks a lot Bluehost) our website was down for about an hour during the show. This completely interrupted our Band vs Band segment, so we need to make up for yesterday’s issues.


So for the 2nd time in our history, it’s a 3-way battle! 3 bands will be competing for the champion status on Gashouse Live today at 6pm ET. We’ll play 3 rounds of Band vs Band, and in each round we will play 1 song from all 3 artists. We’ll ask the listeners to vote on each song, using the thumbs up/down buttons. After 3 rounds, the band with the most votes overall will return tomorrow as champion, and face a new competitor. So here’s the 3 artists today:


Burning Condors – A very cool band out of London. These guys put their own spin on the blues. Check out burningcondors.com and pick up a free download. This returning champion also has a song in our Top 10 Countdown which airs everyday at 5pm ET.


Social Potion – The #1 indie band in Canada via Reverbnation! This is a serious contender. We heard a few tracks on yesterday’s show, and it looks like a lot of listeners are really liking this duo’s sound. Go to socialpotion.ca and get a free download from them as well.


Dylan McGuire – Dylan was scheduled for today’s battle, a solo artist dedicated to guitar-driven pop rock. This Philadelphia-area artist has seen quite a bit of success in his music career. In addition to getting radio play across the mid-Atlantic region from several different releases, Dylan has had his music featured during Philadelphia Phillies broadcasts in 2009. Check out dylanmcguire.com and head out to The Grape Room on Saturday May 18th for Dylan’s CD release show, celebrating his latest album Gravity (Or Lack Thereof).


In addition to these 3 great bands, we’ve got new music from The Well Rested, Timothy Mooney, and . So tune in to Gashouse Live, weekdays 6 – 9pm ET only on www.gashouseradio.com!