This Wednesday, May 8th,  is our first show of many at The Raven Lounge. We’ll be bringing our radio show, Gashouse Live (weekdays 6-9pm ET) to the upstairs stage at Raven. If you’re familiar with our show, then you know exactly what we’ll be bringing to this event. But let me give you a rundown anyway.


  • Raven LoungeFrom 6-9pm ET we will be broadcasting live from Raven. Just like we do every weekday, we’ll be bringing you some of the best independent music you can find.

  • We’ll be mixing that with some discussion with both the chat room as well as the live studio audience.

  • We’ve got interviews and performances from E. Joseph & the Phantom Heart, The Mainestreet Band and The Lost Will Follow. Rumor has it The Wayside Shakeup might be stopping by as well.

  • GIVEAWAYS: In addition to Gashouse Radio tshirts (courtesy of Philly Band Merch) we’ve got albums, stickers, more tees and even vinyl to giveaway to the audience. All in support of the independent artist.

  • FREE FOOD: Oh yeah, there’s that too.

  • The Gashouse Special; PBR and a scotch for $5. It’s gonna be a pinkies out kind of night.


If that weren’t enough, each Wednesday we’ll have a headliner at 9:30pm, after the radio show. This month’s headliner is E. Joseph & the Phantom Heart. They’ve got a brand new album called Burn All the Documents (available on amazon) and we are looking forward to hearing these live.


This is an early night of entertainment  so join us for the most interesting happy hour you will come across. This is also becoming a great networking opportunity for musicians in the area. If you’re interested in being a part of these shows in any way, please come join us this Wednesday at The Raven Lounge!


The Raven Lounge
1718 Sansom St  
Philadelphia, PA 19103
$5 cover