Morning Fuzz

It’s coming down to the wire. Just 3 more bands stand in the way of The Defused. They’ve won 12 in a row on Gashouse Live‘s Band vs Band, and if they can take down the next 3 bands, they will be the latest band to enter a small circle of retired champions. This circle is small because we don’t let a band walk right in. We put them up against the best bands we can find. There is a reason The Defused made it this far in our “competition”. Go to and pick one of their many upcoming shows. When you go there, you will also hear a sample from their upcoming album The Autumn Tree.


Morning Fuzz might be their toughest challenger yet. The band started in Brooklyn a few years back, but after many lineup changes, are finally ready for their debut album, Chasing Ghosts, coming June 25th. They recorded in Seattle, WA with renowned producer, Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, etc.). In June they will also perform on The Artie Lange Show. Make sure you tune in to Gashouse Live today at 6pm ET to hear a few samples from the upcoming album, and check out for more info.


We’ll play 3 songs from each band in the first 2 hours of the show. While you listen to each song, let us know what you think by using the thumbs up/down buttons located next to the chat room on our player page. These votes will determine which band comes back tomorrow as champion. We’ve also got new music from HOT Pistol Shrimp, and .