The Cosmonauts

The Defused are going for win #6 in Band vs Band! This has been a nice little run for this NJ band, and it looks as though they  are making a run for retired champion status. When a band wins 15 in a row, they become a “retired champion” and we’ve only had 8 in our 2 year history. It’s still very early, but this band has a lot of momentum, and our listeners keep wanting more. Go to Dobbs on South St on May 25th to check out The Defused live. More info on all upcoming shows can be found at


The Cosmonauts are 3-piece alt rock band our of Scotland. For the past 3 years they’ve been crafting their sound, which you can sample on their Reverbnation page. They’ve played all over Scotland and have enjoyed radio airplay in both the US and UK. Today The cosmonauts will see if they can take down our current champion.


We’ll play 3 songs from each artist today at 6pm ET. While you listen, please share your opinion of every song using our thumbs up/down buttons. You can also share your opinions in our chat room, and be a part of our show. The band with the most thumbs ups at the end of the segment will be champion, and come back for tomorrow’s show. We’ve also got new music from Tom Lasham, and .