Badd Seed

Copper Lungs does it again! 2 wins in a row for the returning champs out of Scotland. In fact, their performance in Band vs Band has earned them another spot in the Top 10 Countdown as well. This time it is their song Drive. Check out Copper Lungs on Tumblr to keep up with the band, and pick up their new album Louder on iTunes.


Badd Seed are rock n roll out of Harrisburg, PA. What started in 2011 as a trio has evolved into the 5-piece band that you will hear today at 6pm ET. Go to their Reverbnation page and check out their upcoming shows. They’ve got a bunch coming up in central PA, so pick one and head out! Follow them on Facebook for more info on the band.


We’ve got 3 songs from both bands to play on today’s show. While you listen to each song, use the thumbs up/down buttons to let us know your opinions. These votes will determine who comes back on Monday as our returning champ. We’ve also got new music from , and .