the Funky T

Leoce is now our returning champion for the third straight match-up on Gashouse Live‘s Band vs Band. This alt-rock trio from Richboro, PA has impressed our listeners both on the air and live on stage. You have a chance to see for yourself this Wednesday at Hard rock Cafe, and again this Friday at Connie’s Ric Rac. For a full list of upcoming shows, check out this Facebook event page, and download some tracks from their Bandcamp page.


This will definitely be Leoce’s toughest challenge. The Funky T had an overwhelmingly positive debut on Gashouse Live last week. This is a great rock band with some serious funk undertones. This Friday you can catch them live at KC’s Alley over in Ambler, PA. Then July 2nd they’ll be at Dobbs with Black Stars, which is an awesome lineup! Go to for more info, sample a few songs, and tune in today at 6pm ET to support the band!


Today on Gashouse Live we’ll play 3 tracks from both bands. While you listen to each song individually, let us know what you think by using our thumbs up/down buttons. These votes will determine which band comes back tomorrow to face a new challenger. We’ve also got new music from , and Oogee Wawa.