roulette-wheelEveryday on the show we give away tshirts, CDs, mp3s, stickers, pins, concert tickets and more in our game of #RadioRoulette.


At some point during our show Gashouse Live (weekdays 6-9pm ET) we play #RadioRoulette, and we ask you to enter your numbers. All you have to do as a listener is pick a number from 1-100 in the chat room (if you’re not in the chat room, you can tweet your number to @gashouseradio).


We have a list of 100 songs, and 2 out of those 100 songs are form our featured band of the week. The other 98 are completely random. We will “spin the roulette wheel” (shuffle the list of 100 songs) and if your number lands on our featured band of the week, you win the progressive prize.


It’s progressive because we add something to the prize everyday. For a few reason, we have been promoted on for our recent developments.  Whether it’s an album from a band who has a show in the area that week, or a tshirt from one of our sponsors, everyday the prize pack grows until someone wins it.


Tune in to Gashouse Live to play and hear today’s prizes. Its simple, fun it introduces you to even more new music, and you get free stuff!